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The Vapa Virtus Napoli brakes against the Ludos Palermo: Federico Sito: "precious draw"; Antonella Licciardi: "bewitched race"

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CISTERNA CASTLE - At the "Rp Center", abrupt braking for Ludos Palermo coach Licciardi impacts 2-2 with a good Virtus Partenope. A bitter equal to that of the islands that do not take advantage of the other draw, or the spectacle between Salento and Grifone (0-0); the only one that rejoices is the Napoli Femminile that flies to + 5.


On the synthetic of the latest generation, Ludos Palermo took the lead with the usual bomber Bassano who jumps defender Ferrara and, face to face with the young Boccia, slips the latter, with the island that unlock the match (0-1 ). The Ludos continues to grind the game, while the Virtus plays in remittance, even in an attempt to take advantage of some errors of the rosanero. The race is also characterized by the great wind that along with the cloudy does not precede the serene for the Palermo that at 42 ', suffer the same with the Galluccio who, from the top of the penalty area, falls on the right and pierces the' extreme defender of Ludos: it is 1-1. After 3 ', game, always Galluccio, galvanized by the tie, we try to beat the number one guest on a free-kick, but the conclusion of the number eight, ends high above the crossbar.

In the second half, the Virtus becomes more dangerous right from the start and at the 7 ', Esposito catches the full crossbar. At 11 ', answers the Ludos with Bassano that counterattack does not center the mirror of the door defended by the young Boccia, class 2001. Shortly before half an hour, Chiara Dragotto hits the full pole in the clamor of the Sicilian public. The match is in the balance and you have the feeling that anything can happen all of a sudden. At 30 ', the locals would like to rediscover the goal, but the second placed by Galluccio is central and ineffective. At the 35 ', Bassano decides to do everything by himself and leaves a right foot shot strong and accurate, where the innocent Boccia nothing can not catch the ball from the bag. After 5 ', La Mattina kicks and the young Boccia is called to work overtime, lowering the gate and lengthening and deflecting the ball in the corner. But at 43 ', a handball by Talluto in the small area, allows Galluccio to capitalize from eleven meters, displacing Campanella with a low shot: it's the final 2-2. Company for the eleven of Mr. Coppola, cold shower for coach Antonella Licciardi.


At the end of the race, we interview a satisfied person Federico Sito, sports director of the Vapa Virtus Partenope: "Today, we have obtained a precious draw against one of the candidates for the final victory, together with Napoli Femminile leaders and the Grifone Gialloverde and Salento. The match was very hard fought as the final score says it; we have blocked a team stronger than we technically. This is the week of preparation for the Napoli derby against Napoli Femminile where, in the first leg, we suffered a heavy defeat (1-9) with, at the time, Mr. Ciccarelli resigning. Next Sunday, we're going to play our decent game and we will try to put the sticks in the wheels to an opponent who, at least on paper, is the candidate for the final victory or, rather, to dispute the play-offs that will give the access to the series B. In this environment, the role of the parents is very delicate: for the undersigned, they must accompany their child, leave it to those in charge and come back to it, without becoming insiders (mister, etc.). "

At our microphones, we also have the pleasure of exchanging a pleasant chat with coach Antonella Licciardi of Ludos Palermo who, despite the draw, does not steal and release some statements even from the top of his experience: "It was a bewitched race, especially in the second part of the game: we built many clear actions to score several times, but not we were good at capitalizing them, for our demerit and for the skill of the goalkeeper of Virtus Partenope. The draw between Salento Women and Grifone Gialloverde is positive even if we would have to go home with full loot that would have meant second place alone. As a new promoter, the Ludos is playing a championship above expectations and, despite the setback today, we will continue to believe until the end, having all the credentials to play a top league, as protagonists. A greater lucidity under the door of Dragotto and Bassano, could have given us the full loot, without forgetting that we are a team that aims a lot to play from the bottom, on a team game that highlights interesting textures. Overall, I'm happy about the collective that tried until the end of the victory even after the net penalty, suffered almost at the end and with an offside against us in the final. "
"Winning your group, should sanction the promotion in B; the formula of the play-offs is something that brings back to the past. Maybe, with a reformulation of the fall with several companies, there will be direct access, we will see in the future. The male Palermo has more important problems at the moment, than to devote himself to Ludos, even if in the Zamparini management there was a contact but the company has never wanted affiliation. We hope, in a tomorrow, in a new group that can listen to us and give us a hand. Long ago, our President, presented a report which shows that the Ludos is one of the companies that travels more miles away, eleven heavy. In the South, the women's football movement has yet to explode and there is a need for investment in this activity, with institutions such as the Municipality and the Region that are returning to their interest after years of absolute absence. "
"In A, the three-way fight between Milan, Juventus and Fiorentina is very fascinating, with the Viola from Cincotta that, in my opinion, in the end, could win the championship, as they are very equipped and more prepared and more time in A , like Juventus and Milan who certainly have colossi behind them. The approach of the masculine brought organization and competitiveness, with organic. that are confronted with prominent reality. The reconquest of the World Cup is an important result achieved in a very short time, based on what has been accomplished during this period. The draw is quite penalizing with Australia, Brazil and Jamaica, despite starting from the third band, even if Bertolini's National team can say his own and I hope they can get through the group. I believe that the current generation of coaches (Morace, Panico, Guarino, Bavagnoli) are giving the turn with so much impulse and experience to the Italian women's football movement, who know very well and have had the confidence of male partership. "

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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