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San Marino Academy, ready for the derby with Riccione

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After passing the Pontedera exam, the San Marino Academy leader returns to the walls of Acquaviva to play the hearty derby against Riccione. The girls led by mister Alain Conte look for the full loot to defend the record from the pitfalls of Perugia, Bologna, Torres and Pontedera that follow a wheel of a few points detached.

The brawl gets more and more thrilling to nine days from the final goal, which is why the biancoazzurre will do their best to repeat the success achieved in the first leg. On the eve of the challenge we asked Elisa Paganelli, an expert defender of the Titans, entered the field in the decisive final stages of the clash at the top of Pontedera.

Q .: Hi Elisa, let's start from the precious peer reached in extremis in Tuscany.
A .: "I still have a bit of adrenaline in the club for a draw in the final last Sunday. In Pontedera it was not easy to score points: they are a strong team, with important individualities. The game was immediately uphill for us, but we were good not to break down, try to play as we know and help us on the field. This true team attitude we have maintained even after their 2-1 and again following the wrong penalty. We believed in it until the end and we were repaid. I think it was a demonstration of great character, what we should have until the end of this championship so balanced ".

Q .: The mind is now projected to the home derby against Riccione.
A .: "Next Sunday will be a good fight. The Riccione has already shown that it can be a thorn in the side for the high ranking teams. We must face it like another final, as all will be from here to the end. Maximum concentration and desire to make our race immediately ".

Q .: We are entering the crucial phase of the season, how do you judge it until now?
A .: "On a personal level I'm experiencing a difficult season due to the many work commitments and some muscular problems that prevented me from being available during the last 2018 meetings. But I'm very happy to be part of this group, which I think is growing a lot from match after game, training after training. The balance so far I consider it positive: we deserve to find ourselves a punticino above all the others and now we must continue to fight to keep it ".

The Under 19, back from the success for 6-3 with Parma (finally disputed at the third attempt, after the postponements for fog and snow of the previous months), will return to the field Wednesday 13 February with Imola - play at 17: 30 in Acquaviva - to anticipate the meeting initially scheduled for the following Sunday.

Yesterday, however, it was up to the Newcomers - outmoded by the Colonnella -, while the activity of the basic youth sector was regularly resumed: on Wednesday the two Under 10 formations of Juvenes-Women's Customs, tomorrow it is up to Under 8 rallies.

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