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San Marino Academy, in Pontedera an 2-2 that keeps Titane at the top

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The endless challenge against the Pontedera still ends in a draw after ninety minutes vibrating, in which the team of Mr. Conte showed great character in recovering twice the disadvantage after having also failed even a penalty with Baldini. For the big match Venturini returns to the center of the rearguard alongside Montalti; on the sides Piazza and Micciarelli, while the tandem Deidda-Costantini is positioned in front of the defense with Rigaglia, Lanotte and Menin behind Barbieri. Pontedera responds with the coupled Fenili-Carozzo forward, Maffei in the position of midfielder and Del Prete in the median to give free rein to his talent.

It starts with the two shots in quick succession of Piazza and Menin, both on the side of the door defended by Francesca Sacchi. At the first thrust, however, the amaranth pass: Del Prete receives the ball from the trocar, loads the left from the edge and puts the ball under the crossbar. The San Marino Academy touches on the equal to 34 ': the corner of Rigaglia hits the crossbar, Menin fights in melee and finds the way blocked by a home defender, who repels his shot at a safe shot.
At 36 'Rigaglia unloads a trip from the distance, with a high ball of a breath above the crossbar; soon a draw will come: Micciarelli puts the turbo on the right and from the bottom it triggers Barbieri who does not forgive: 1-1. It will also be the result with which the teams will earn the locker room for the interval.

Returning, cold shower for the Titans: after sixty laps of hands Del Prete, from the left lane, invented a treacherous cross-section shooting that Montanari insulting by pressing the opposite pole. The Pontedera, on the wings of enthusiasm, pushes and with Fenili goes close to the trio. The response of the San Marino Academy is vigorous: Barbieri serves on the left Baldini that puts in the middle a poisonous low shot on which Captain Menin arrives a moment late, a few steps from the goal line.

The Pontedera has the chance to close the games at 28 ', when Fenili in remittance finds himself face to face with Montanari, who with a feat goes beyond holding the Academy alive. At 35 'Menin leaves power in the area and is stretched: the referee decrees the penalty and from the spot goes Baldini, who crashes against a superb Francesca Sacchi; on the rejected, the Deidda trip is foiled on the goal line by the defense. The pressure of the San Marino Academy continues and Barbieri tries the goal with an upside-down feeling: ball high just (41 ').

The stopwatch flows inexorably for the Titans. But at the 90 'comes the decisive episode: Baldini takes the ball on the short side of the area and is grounded by the late intervention of the direct marker. The race director assigned another penalty to the biancoazzurre among the vehement protests of Marconcini. The technician from the Ulivieri family makes the expense of him. From the eleven meters this time Barbieri presents himself, who unloads a missile at the intersection of the poles, making the intervention of a Sacchi protruding into a dive vain. So happy for the Academy, which thanks to the draw keeps the top of the standings.

Very happy weekend for the Juniores training, which yesterday, in Dogana, has inaugurated its 2019 recovering the challenge of the 4 ° day with the Academy Parma, postponed twice due to - respectively - snow and fog. The final result rewards the Titans for 6-3: a success however suffered and that clearly takes the road of the landlords only in the last segment of the race. Previously, especially in the first half, the challenge had traveled on a long balance animated by a continuous succession of beating and response.

The approach to the race is positive by the Academy, which at 8 'and 10' touches on the advantage with Sietchiping Nzepa and then find it at 18 'with the same number 11 biancoazzurra. The guests, however, who had already approached the opponent's goal with Terzoni, immediately put the score in balance with Aiolfi, to sign at 20 '.

Tommasini completes the Ducal comeback to the 35 ', but the landlords react quickly and after the sequential occasions of Cecchini and Grandoni, close the first fraction on 2-2 thanks to Giuliani, which brings the result in balance close to the double whistle. In the second half again Tomassini signs the new Parma advantage (51 '), but Cecchini promptly replies turning the penalty kick of which the bianazzurre benefit two minutes later. The result remains in equilibrium for twenty minutes, before Gennari, at the hour of play, sign the new white-blue advantage.

But it is only in the very last part that the race takes a clear and definitive direction: Beccari slams on the pole (80 '), before registering his name in the day sheet (84'); that same table in which Gennari returns in full recovery (90 + 3 '), putting on ice a useful victory for the ranking and to load in view of the commitments of 2019.

Female C Series, 13. Day | Pontedera - San Marino Academy 2-2

F. Sacchi, Rizzato, Pantani, A. Sacchi, Tramonti, Maffei, D'Antoni, Sidoni (from 78 'Toole), Del Prete, Fenili, Carrozzo (from 70' Oates)
Available: Bulleri, Terra, Maccio, Giusti, Catastini, Consoloni
Coach: Renzo Ulivieri

Montanari, Micciarelli, Montalti, Venturini, Piazza, Deidda, Costantini (from 71 'Paganelli), Lanotte (from 27' Baldini), Rigaglia (from 61 'Cecchini), Menin, Barbieri
Available: Ghidetti, Nicolini, Cascapera, Innocenti, Rossi, Bianchi
Coach: Alain Conte

Referee: Oscar Ozzella from Benevento
Assistants: Giovanni Luti and Michele Molesti from Livorno
Ammonites: A. Sacchi, Micciarelli, Cecchini
Markers: 18 'and 46' Del Prete, 40 'and 90 + 1' Barbers

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