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Vapa Virtus Partenope - Grifone Gialloverde 0 - 2

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BARRA- At the "Ester Center", Grifone Gialloverde compact and gritty, extends the Vapa Virtus Partenope with the final score of 0-2. Match characterized by many interruptions to the decisions of the referee. A victory that allows the eleven of Mr. Berruti to gain second place together with Ludos Palermo to 30 points, thus bypassing the Salento Women who impacted in that of Pescara.

CRONACA- The guests who immediately want to impose their ball game on the ground start strong, while the leit-motive of the landlords is a long ball from the defense to look for the most advanced point. At 20 ', the first danger created by the eleven of the Griffon when Clemente launches Tata, with the latter shooting high above the crossbar. After 1 ', for the local players, Fiacco lands Clemente in the area of ​​Virtus Partenope but for the referee there are no extremes of the penalty to be awarded to the Griffon. But at 24 ', this time the penalty is clear: Russo holds Clemente in the small area and eleven meters, is Ilenia Rossi to unlock the match (0-1). At the 42 ', Falloni del Grifone looks for and finds a great conclusion from the distance with the ball that is printed on the crossbar.
The first part of the game ends with the territorial dominance of the girls with the yellow-green tunic.

In the second half, after just 60 seconds on the stopwatch, also comes the doubling of the griffin signed by Seranaj at the invitation of Clemente (the best in the field): 0-2. On the wings of enthusiasm, the Griffon continues to sink, while the Virtus to defend itself and then start again. At 5 ', Ilenia Rossi sends Clemente in the left lane, with the latter kicking precise and strong on the far post but the home defender Boccia (2001 class) deflects the ball into the corner, thus foiling the threat.

In the central part of the second half, there is a lot of confusion in the central area of ​​the field with many balls lost and beat and beaten. At the 43 ', for Virtus Partenope, Di Marzo could have reopened the challenge, if his strong conclusion had found better luck, instead of printing on the outside pole of the goal defended by De Angelis.

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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