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La Lucchese at Dogana for the first return

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The San Marino Academy, on the wave of enthusiasm for having hung up the Perugia at the top of the ranking in the last round - the last of the first round -, is preparing to start the second half of the championship by hosting the Lucchese within the walls. The snow that fell during the week involved a change of program for the plant that will host the challenge on Sunday: it will not be played in Acquaviva as usual but in Customs; the kick-off will be issued at 14: 30. Let's talk about the positive white-blue moment with the San Marino striker Silvia Casali :.

Silvia, at the turning point of the championship we see that the fight for promotion is very open and involves a large group of competitors.
"This year the group is very stimulating. The teams that struggle to climb the category are all there a few points from each other. As for our team, I was very surprised and happy because despite the many purchases, it was created immediately a united group. Day after day we have always tied more both outside and inside the field, and in my opinion now we are really a team with a capital "S".

What are the main advantages of the San Marino Academy?
"As I said, our main strength is that we are a united group. It can be seen well in times of difficulty: there we know how to help and stimulate each other. For example, in last Sunday's game, when we were at a disadvantage even though we were playing well, we did not get frustrated but, on the contrary, it spurred us and we recovered finalizing the various occasions we had. And in the end we took home the three points with a net 6 to 1 ".

In each meeting you manage to create numerous network situations. For an attacker how important it is to be able to count on such a proactive game?
"We are the best attack in the league and this testifies to the goodness of our game. We have changed staff and way of training and we use the ball a lot, but at the same time we run and this is a nice way to get into the condition. As a striker I say that it is certainly stimulating to be able to count on this ease that the team has to build goal actions. For my part, then, I always try to make myself ready when the coach gives me the chance to take the field. "

The challenge to remember in this first leg just ended?
"The game that impressed me the most was the one with Bologna: we were in a difficult moment, but both who was on the pitch and who was on the bench or in the stands gave his contribution and his support for the achievement of the 'target. Here lies the strength of this team, knowing how to help and knowing how to bridge the limits of each other. We still have a lot of work to do and we have to do it as we are already doing, always keeping our feet on the ground until the last triple whistle of the season ".
This weekend the only other female teams with commitments on the calendar were those of the Under 8 category, who this morning resumed their meetings with the peers of the other poles dividing between the gym in Falciano and the canonica location of the "Ezio" Counts "of Customs.

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