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San Marino Academy almost perfect, Grifo is saved in the final

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It is an intense and concentrated San Marino Academy, the one that welcomes Grifo Perugia in the big match of the eighth day of Serie C - Girone C at the Acquaviva Stadium. The Umbrian climbs to the Republic without defeat to the passive, paired at the summit just to the white-blue that - for their part - have played an extra match in this part of the season.

There are important absences in the Academy home, which launches Mimma Fazio between the poles from the first minute: the former Catania defender debuted so on the Titan, she who can boast a great past at the Italian national level. In the first quarter of an hour, in fact, should not even dirty the gloves: excellent performance across the field of girls Conte - disqualified for protests last week and replaced on the bench by Milzoni -. In the field there is also missing Montalti, replaced at the center of the defense by Piazza who left the left-wing band to Piergallini - decisive in the 1-1 interior with Pontedera just seven days ago -; altogether there are also the defections of Nicolini and Prenga, the latter due to an accident.

The positive start - front of San Marino Academy - is substantiated in a couple of good opportunities built in the first five minutes: at the 4 'the exchange between Baldini and Barbieri brings the former San Zaccaria to break through the lane of competence, even up to where - after tightening the position - let a left-handed start that Bayol somehow manages to repel. Little more than 60 '' later it is Barbieri, with a stubborn action at the edge of the area, to free himself at the conclusion from the sixteen meters finding the providential rejected by the extreme Umbrian defender - decisive in keeping the score in parity -. So it would have been for another ten minutes: the time necessary for Baldini to gain a discussion of penalty kick that Stabile assigns on the contact between the bomber biancoazzurra and Monetini: from the disk the same Baldini chooses the diagonal solution, learnable for Bayol.

The goalkeeper, however, is a great protagonist of the challenge, as well as probably the best in the field - at least in the first half hour of play - just at the stroke of 35 'Bayol performs the third miracle of the day, denying Barbieri the doubling with an agile dive on his right.

In the final part of the fraction we also see the Grifo, which at 29 'had not used Ceccarelli with a flying ball at the edge of the area. Very similar situation, although a few meters closer to the big target, the one that sees Brozzetti kicking high at 42 '. A few seconds before the interval the guest bench calls for a penalty for an alleged touch of hand in the San Marino area, but Stabile lets go on.

The preventable Umbrian aggression in the recovery takes shape from the first few minutes of the second half, with the girls of Peverini to raise their center of gravity considerably. Nonetheless, the defense of San Marino gives very little, resulting in fact the San Marino Academy the most dangerous formation in the goal zone. So at the 53 'with Barbieri, which feeds the attack by proposing from the ground an assist to the kiss for Lanotte - walled in his conclusion a sure blow and a short distance -.
The Romagnola fantasist also tries in acrobatics shortly after, touching the doubling in style. The biancoazzurre insist and go close to the 2-0 in a couple of situations with Barbieri who tries from the edge of the area with both feet, but without luck. In a recovery all in control, the San Marino Academy undergoes a draw at the 85 ': the biancoazzurre break in the left lane, then the cross of Serluca crosses the whole area before reaching the right by Bylykbashi that does not forgive, beating Mimma Fazio on the first post.

No need for the final assault of the girls of Conte, which not enough this time not even the full recovery granted by Stabile: the challenge between leaders ends in parity, but testifying the excellent state of health of the San Marino Academy, not too lucky in management of a long-controlled match. Cynics at the right point the Perugians of Peverini, who return from San Marino with the possibility intact to find themselves alone in the lead after the recovery with Real Bellante - next opponent of the San Marino Academy, in the turn pre-Christmas -.

Serie C - Pool C | San Marino Academy - Grifo Perugia 1-1

Fazio; Micciarelli, Venturini, Piazza, Piergallini; Deidda, Costantini, Rigaglia; Baldini (from 90 'Menin), Barbieri, Lanotte (from 79' Rossi)
Available: Paganelli, Innocenti, Pozzi, Cascapera, Casali, Bianchi, Cecchini
Coach: Alessandro Milzoni (Alain Conte disqualified)

Bayol; Zelli (from 82 'Bylykbashi), Ferretti, Marchesi, Monetini; Brozzetti (from 86 'Timo), C. Fiorucci; Ceccarelli, Verdi, Tuteri (from 71 'Serluca); G. Fiorucci
Available: Marroccoli, Petrarca, Franciosa, Sulpizi, Rosmini, Alessi
Coach: Vania Peverini

Referee: Mauro Stabile di Padova
Assistants Mattia Zannoni and Emanuele Razzani of Cesena
Markers: 17 'rig. Baldini, 85 'Bylykbashi
Ammonites: Monetini, Marchesi, Zelli, Piergallini

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