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A good Cesena penalized by the referee and bad weather is defeated by Empoli

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The misfortune continues to persecute Cesena, a race dominated for most of the time, then there is also Mr. Lovison of the section of Padua that is invented and grants a penalty to the visiting team; also poor in handling yellow cards not given to the Tuscans.
The terrain of the Romagna Center holds up well, considering the rainfall before and during the race.

Third minute Zani left on the right wing, at the limit is put down, beats Casadei free defense Empolese.
Cesena ahead of 15 '; Long launch of Guiducci to bypass the whole defense, pounced on the ball Zani enters the area and Lugli cold, all very nice.

Bianconeri still forward to the 19 '; Carlini launches Guidi, at the limit exchange with Zani assists for Nagni shot that ends to the side of little.
25 'Empoli, launch without meaning in the penalty area of ​​Plum, are projected both Battistini and Ness, the latter just hears the breath of the full-back drops, here is the "Frittata" of the referee, decreeing the penalty. On the ball Plum kicks to the right of Pacini who senses but can not deflect the ball.

Do not give up on Cesena and the 30 'falls on the right wing Battistini reaches the limit and is put down beats Casadei out and para Lugli.
35 'Pacini long throw ball to Beleffi that free Nagni great missile flies Lugli and sends the ball to the corner.

The minutes pass and the landlords push as never before, the Tuscans seem to accuse a physical decline for the heavy field and without disdaining very foul play entries with the race director who more than once flew over.

End the first half and go to the locker room for a well deserved hot tea on the result of 1 to 1.
Shooting, the rain continues to fall and from the first minutes Cesena seems more in the ball of the visiting team, but has the wet bullets, creates so much to the edge of the area, then it is lost.
Empoliers show up at 55 '; big opportunity happens to Lovecchio who receives free on the right, enters the area and from a tight position ends weakly in the arms of Pacini.

60 ', on the umpteenth foul intervention is hurt and leaves the field Zani, in his place Petralia, just her free Nagni shot but the ball ends up high.
As often happens in football not always the attacking team is right, Cesena continues to have a game supremacy especially in midfield, the Empoli ...... packs the network of the advantage in one of the few attack actions in fact, at 75 ' launch of Acuti for Morucci assist for Mastalli from the edge makes a great shot with the ball that is bagged under the crossbar of the door of Pacini.

Last minutes to cardiopalmo for the girls of Mister Gozi but, after three minutes of recovery, the game ends and the Cesena is once again defeated by the rectangle of the game of Romagna Center.
Game strongly conditioned by the rain and the referee.

Marking machines: 15 'Zani (C), 25' Plum (penalty) (E), 75 'Mastalli.

Referee Mr. Roberto LOVISON of the Padua Section
Assistants Antonio GIANGREGORIO and Nicola SALVI of Padua.
Notes: 80 Spectators About;
Admitted to the 41'Beleffi (C), 45 'Guglielmo (E), 76' Boglioni (E).

Pacini, Cuciniello, Battistini (82 'Pastor), Guiducci, Carlini, Casadei, Guidi, Porcarelli, Beleffi, Nagni, Zani (60' Petralia) .-
Available to Ceki, Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M., Vicini, Muratori.-
Elvio GOZI coach

Lugli, Boglioni, Di Guglielmo, Experts, Plum, Papaleo (92 'Meripini), Ness (53' Mastalli), Acuti, De Vecchis, Parrini (53 'De Rita), Morucci.-
Available Vincenzi, Caucci, Cotrer, Lovecchio.-
Alessandro PISTOLESI coach

Cesena 25 November 2018
Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Cesena Calcio Femminile

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