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A Chieti Calcio Femminile "all heart and grit" loses in Naples

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It was known that in Naples it would have been very hard, but the Chieti Calcio Femminile comes out with the honor of the weapons from a match that ended 4-0 in favor of the bells and saw the neroverdi for almost an hour to cope with what is considered by all the great favorite of the championship.
Mister Lello Di Camillo's team showed up at the young padded meeting due to the important absences, but managed to sell the leather as much as it could.

In the second part of the match then came the greatest technical caliber of Naples that attacked the Chieti with speed maneuvers and continuous actions with which it has bent the resistance of the neroverdi.

The excellent performance of the goalkeeper Falcocchia, author of some prodigious interventions that have made the passive less heavy.

The news opens at 2 'with an insistent action of Napoli: Kubassova serves well Tammik but puts to the side. At the 6 'is still Tammik to present the parts of Falcocchia very good to close the mirror anticipating it. At the 9 'you see for the first time in attack the Chieti with Scioli that recovers a good ball in midfield, it flies on the band, puts in the center, but a defender of Naples manages to deflect in the corner.

Falcocchia is still the protagonist of two excellent interventions, the first at the 13 'when to ground on the shot of Tammik, the second, much more challenging, timely output always on Tammik taken on the offside.

At 32 'an attempt on a free kick by Gangemi turns into an assist for Libutti who finds the ball between his feet, touches him but it is good Del Pizzo to block.

Great action of Napoli at 36 ': Tammik serves De Paula who in turn gives the ball to Kubassova, shooting the first intention of the latter and a fantastic response from Falcocchia that avoids the goal.

At 39 'an error of defense neroverde favors De Paula who sends incredibly to the side from excellent position. Naples again very dangerous at 42 'with the conclusion of Tammik flying out of a breath. You go to rest on the 0-0.

The landlords are back in the field with the firm intention to win the three points, but the Chieti holds good impact at least in the first minutes of recovery.

At 7 'Falcocchia makes the most difficult intervention of the game when he relaxes and manages to divert the big blow from outside the area of ​​Kubassova.

The advantage of the Naples, however, comes to 13 'thanks to De Paula: the Brazilian flies to the door and makes Falcocchia dry with a diagonal that slips on the opposite pole, the goalkeeper succeeds in fact only to touch the ball but not to prevent end up on the net.

At 17 'an ingenuity of Falcocchia, the only one of his amazing game, provokes a punishment to two in the area of ​​Chieti that is lethal: De Paula in fact signs the double win by reiterating the net after the rejection of the defense teatina.

The Naples has now found the quadrature of the circle and makes tris to 24 'with the new entry Sibilio that, launched to the network, beats Falcocchia with a precise diagonal.

At the 39 'Chieti goalkeeper is again engaged by a conclusion of Tammik.

Two minutes later De Biase devours a goal already made by shooting the stars from a favorable position.

Napoli insists and at the 45 'there's also poker with Tammik, who sees his excellent performance so rewarded.

It ends 4-0, a score too severe for a Chieti that, as mentioned, has struggled so much by putting the heart over the obstacle, but this time was not enough in the presence of a Naples undoubtedly very strong.

Next engagement for the neroverdi next Sunday at home against the Grifone Gialloverde.

Match sheet:

Napoli Femminile - Chieti Women's Football 4-0

Napoli Femminile: Del Pizzo, Schioppo, Auction (41 'St Del Giudice), Cutillo (9' St Russo), Caiazzo, Risina, Massa (9 'St Sibilio), Kubassova (27' St Borrelli), De Paula (27 ' st De Biase), Tammik, Bannikova. A disp .: Ruotolo, Amodio, Catalano.

All. Marino Geppino.

Chieti Women's Football: Falcocchia, Di Camillo Giada, Di Santo, Benedetti, Libutti, Di Sebastiano (34 'St La Centra), Gangemi, Scioli, Forcella (43' St Colecchi), Coscia, Di Domizio (19 'st De Vincentiis) .

All .: Di Camillo Lello

Referee: Recchia di Brindisi

Assistants: Morra and Felicelli of Naples

Networks: 13 'and 17' St De Paula, 24 'St Sibilio, 45' St Tammik

Ammonite: Gangemi (C

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