The young Apulia takes our taste: 3-0 all'Aprilia Racing and second consecutive victory

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Mariano on free-kick unlocks, then the usual Sibilano and Dibenedetto round off the final score.
First clean sheet and second consecutive domestic success for Apulia Trani, which on the field of the "Don Uva" of Bisceglie, thanks to the concurrence with the internal race of the cousins ​​of Vigor, stretch the Aprilia Racing with a net 3 to 0 and confirm the seventh place, this time alone, waiting for the recoveries of the past few days to outline the final classification.

De Marinis finds the shirt as the owner, after the ailments, and stands in the center of the defense alongside Spallucci, waiting for the return of Delvecchio. Spinosa makes space, while the remaining ten are the same that had centered the victory against the New Team in the previous round.

The first fraction passes without particular chills, with a strong competition from both teams. The playing field, made heavy by the rains of the last days, and a strong wind do not facilitate the show.

It is the second fraction to give all the emotions of the match: to unlock the result we think the veteran Mariano, with an excellent free kick from the left that goes into the intersection of the poles. Sibilano reaches the third goal of the season with an excellent lob, kicked in acrobatics behind the door, to solve a melee in the area, with the biancazzurre in siege in search of doubling. To crown the score, the solo action of Dibenedetto, who receives the ball from the trocar and flies into the goal: it is his fourth goal in the league.

In the next round, Apulia will be called to a race-truth: the trip to Pescara, back from the first stop in Rome against the Griffin, after four consecutive useful results, can say more about the level of awareness achieved by the formation of coach Precious.

Marking machines: 65 'Mariano (A), 80' Sibilano (A), 89 'Dibenedetto (A).

Apulia Trani: Sasso, Cottino, Spallucci, De Marinis, Saltarelli, Rucci, Manzi, Mariano, Sibilano, Racioppo, Dibenedetto. Available: Montrone, Maldera, Ventura, Spinosa, Calabrese, Mazzilli, De musso, Minetti, Di Nunno. Coach: Preziosa Francesco

Aprilia Racing: Galluzzi, Colli, Bassotti, Campanelli, Croce, Cusella, Di Federico, Majorca, Mari, Sparapani, Tomassetti. Available: Biasotto, Guidobaldi, Catena, Djokouo, La Schiazza, Moscatelli, Scire, Tedesco, Vittori. Coach: Bianchi Fabio

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