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Marino's Napoli drops poker at Chieti

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NAPOLI - At the "Cus", Napoli Femminile, in front of its audience, poker falls to Chieti, with the Abruzzo to their fourth consecutive defeat: if the blue sky is clear with a first place on the black-green, strongly resized , it is late at night, as they occupy the penultimate step; certainly a position not suited to a company that, in recent seasons, has played in the fall and only two seasons ago, in the maximum national competition.

Despite the domination even in the first fraction of the game and the excellent plot in the game plot, Marino's eleven, unlocks the match in the second fraction, thanks to the fresh grafts and the foresight of the technician to rotate (at Ancelotti) a rose that excels in every department and that bends opponents. At Chieti, Vukcevic and Giulia Di Camillo are missing, as well as significant absences in the summer market, such as Ferrazza, Tagliaferri and Balbi, with a company that aims with a green line, in perspective.

In the first fraction, Napoli immediately tries to be master of the game rectangle and skillfully succeeds with the usual density where the sphere is present. At 18 ', very occasional for Tammik, face to face, with the young Falcocchia (the best in Chieti), stumbles, hitting the floor. At 27 ', there is a free-kick from the limit for the landlord with De Paula, however, central kick. At the 35 ', still the clubs with a well orchestrated action and started by De Paula who throws long for Tammik who could have pulled, and instead, serves low for the accident Kubassova who ends weakly. After 2 ', Naples again with Tammik looking and find the departmental partner De Paula kicking low, directing the ball well with the latter that goes off slightly to the side.

The recovery opens with the usual leit-motiv, or with the ball of the game in hand or, better said, in the feet of the blue, already at 7 ', when Risina concludes with a large border, but finds Falcocchia that stretches, taking refuge in angle. At 12 ', there is the deserved advantage of Napoli with De Paula who pierces the extreme defender with an effective left (1-0). After 5 ', also comes the doubling again with Milena De Paula who reiterates in the network, a previously kicked ball, on the developments of a punishment for two in the small area of ​​Chieti, assigned by the race director (2-0). At the 25 ', Tammik serves the neo-entry Sibilio who does everything by himself with the ball at his feet and in front of the number one of Chieti, the cold with a diagonal on the second pole: it is a network of rightness. At the 42 ', still Sibilio that, from the edge, throws a shot that is printed on the post away from the door defended by Falcocchia, with the ball that ends on the feet of Tammik head, like a bird of prey, slingshot to reply to the network from two steps: poker face!

In addition to the marker, among the best, once again Auction on the left lane, Risina across the board with great enthusiasm and captain Schioppo in the rear.
Next engagement, in that of Lecce against Salento Women Soccer in third place at ten points, with eleven Pugliese, corsair on the difficult field of Ludos Palermo (1-3).

Maurizio Stabile

Maurizio Stabile
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