A nice Salento beats the battleship Chieti

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Important home success of Salento Women Soccer in the home match against the listed Chieti: the challenge played in the municipal Collepasso is over 2-0 for the team coached by Vera Indino. For the Giallorossi the second victory in the championship after the first four days.

Match-winner was the captain, Serena D'Amico, who was the author of a double win at the start of the match, at 3 'and 5'. Now his loot of goals in his career, all scored with the Giallorossi jersey, goes up to 140, and in the meantime he is confirmed as top scorer in the group C series D with 10 nets.

In the first half hour the Salento Women Soccer has been absolute owner of the field: the Giallorosa team has unlined a game at times spectacular and seasoned by two goals scored by captain D'Amico, from a pole hit by Costaduro, a cross struck by Cazzato and from network opportunities not exploited properly by D'Amico, twice, Costadura, Cazzato and Munoz. "I have to congratulate my team for the way he played the game," said coach Vera Indino with satisfaction. "We were afraid of this match because Chieti has an important team for the category and we knew that the neroverdi could have get in trouble.

Fortunately, however, the approach was fantastic, we made two goals in the first five minutes and for half an hour we were absolute masters of the field. We could have closed the match by scoring the third goal, we did not and kept Chieti alive until the end. It remains the satisfaction of having played one of the best games of the season and this allows us to work with a little more serenity. Now, head to the delicate match of Sunday in Palermo ".

Serie C - Fourth day

Salento Women Soccer - Chieti 2 - 0

Markers: in the pt 3 'and 5' D'Amico (Sws).

Salento Women Soccer: Mariano, Viva (34 'st Cucurachi), Guido, Felline, Ouacif, Munoz, D'Amico, Pinto, Costadura, Cazzato, Coluccia (1' st Durante, from 16 'Bruno, from 43' Sozzo).
On the bench: Errico, Lazoi, Vitti, April.
Vera Indino trainer.

Chieti: Falcocchia, Di Camillo Giada, Di Santo (1 'St Di Domizio), Benedetti, Libutti, Di Sebastiano (35' St De Vincentis), Gangemi, La Mattina (29 'St La Centra), Scioli (35' St Colecchia), Forcella, Coscia. Coach Of Camillo Lello.
Referee: Lascaro di Matera.

Results (fourth day)
Aprilia Racing-Ludos Palermo 1-4;
Apulia Trani-New San Marco Team 3-1;
Pescara-Sant'Egidio 1-1;
Vapa Virtus Napoli-Napoli Female 1-9;
Power-Griffon Yellowgroverde 0-14;
Salento Women-Chieti 2-0.

Ranking: Grifone Gialloverde Roma, Napoli Female points 12; Ludos Palermo 9; Salento Women Soccer, Sant'Egidio Salerno 7; Vapa Naples, Chieti, Apulia Trani 3; Potenza, San Marco Cosenza and Aprilia 0.
Next round (fifth day - 18 November): Apulia Trani-Aprilia; Grifone Gialloverde-Pescara; Ludos Palermo-Salento Women Soccer; Naples femminiule-Chieti; New Team San Marco Argentano-Potenza; Sant'Egidio-Vapa Virtus Naples.

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