Friday, 15 May 2015
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Female Representative eliminated. Storm on arbitrage

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"To the thief! To the thief!", They shout from Basilicata. The epilogue of the match between Piedmont Valle d'Aosta and Liguria for women's soccer is incredible. At the 'Comunale' of Tursi ends 1-1 among the protests of the Piedmontese training that in this tournament saw several refereeing decisions against it. The girls of Mr. Foderaro return home with a bitter taste in recriminando: to pass is the Lazio that had managed to win against Liguria for 1-0 between the opposing protests but that nothing had been able against the Piedmontese demonstrated in the direct confrontation won clearly from Lovera and companions for 2-0. The Piedmont Vda back home from unbeaten to just one point from Lazio, which passes the turn beating the Marche 2-0. The biancorosse appear in the field without Zabellan and Toscano knocked down in the match against the Marche. Foderaro leaves with Malosti in goal, Tabor, Giordano, Lovera and Tosetto in defense, Antonietti, Mancin and Civalleri in the median, the recovered Bianco and Mellano in support of Fasciolo. Ready and the race director begins his personal show, well assisted by his assistants: the Ligurian tip Calcagno enters the penalty area being anticipated by Lovera, everyone expects the corner but, between the general disbelief, is assigned the penalty, more than questionable. Papaleo who realizes is on the disk. The reaction of the Piedmont Vda is vehement and the draw comes just nine minutes later with Mancin who unloads from the 30 meters a car under the crossbar with Gabriele motionless. The challenge is concentrated in the central area of ​​the field where Civalleri, Mancin and Antonietti fight like lionesses. The absence of Zabellan affects a lot on this match which lacks the decisive spark. In the second part of the game the theme is always the same: Piedmont attack and Liguria entrusted to the verticalization of Papaleo. At the 21'st the most resounding episode of the match: Mellano 'svernicia' La Capra and wedged in the penalty area: held back, tripping and exit of the goalkeeper to overwhelm the young Piedmontese wing. The discounted result would be the penalty, but not today. In Basilicata all this is simple corner kick. From here the game gets nervous, the girls of Foderaro understand that they can not win this game and lose the lucidity necessary to mock the Gabriel. On the other side only bad news comes, with Lazio defeating the Marche for 2-0. You return home and say goodbye to Basilicata: beautiful place, fantastic cuisine, beautiful people but for the referees ... let's spread a veil of mercy.

PIEDMONT VDA (4-3-2-1): Malosti, Tabor, Lovera, Giordano, Tosetto: Civalleri, Mancin, Antonietti; Mellano (29 'Marcella), White (34'st Pittorru); Fasciolo. A disp: Mognol, Toscano, De Masi, Rubino, Pittorru, Di Nuzzo, Zabellan, Di Maria, Marcella. All: Foderaro

LIGURIA (4-4-2): Gabriele, La Capra, Cantini, Piquet, De Luca; Nietante, Abondi (13 'Longo), Mancuso, Cereseto; Papaleo, Calcagno (27'st Perfume). Available: Iemma, Aulito, Borri, Cuccurullo, Ferrando, Longo, Parodi, Perfume, Robbiano. All: Maggi

MARKERS: 6 'Rig. Papaleo (L), 15'pt Mancin (P)

NOTES: Ammonita Lovera, Mancin (P), Mancuso (L)

From our correspondent in Basilicata Andrea Rubiolo


Enrico Manassero
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