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Piedmont Vda Femminile slows down with the Marche on an "indecent" field

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Can not find the third consecutive victory at the 51 ° Tournament of the Regions the Valle d'Aosta Valle Feminine that is stuck on the draw from the Marche. On balance, the selection of Mr. Foderaro can be happy with this point, come to the end of a challenge to the limits of the impossible that with football has very little to do. Malosti in goal, Tabor, Giordano, Lovera, Toscano in defense, Antonietti, Zabellan, Mancin and Civalleri in the median in support of Bianco and Fasciolo: this is the eleven took to the field to defend the Piedmont jersey. The field that the girls are in front of is literally embarrassing: dirt and a few blades of grass so much so that the few spectators in the stands believe they are at Roland Garros to watch a match between Federer and Nadal. The incredible wind that strikes Marconia does nothing but worsen the situation with earth in the eyes of the girls and the sphere that goes wherever he wants. The chronicle of the match is a mere tale of long shots, with unattainable balls and little lucidity from both teams. The Marches seem more in the ball and make themselves living from the parts of Malosti with more insistence, but without being able to go to the net. The Piedmontese answer is all in the conclusion of Fasciolo from the distance that ends to the side. The recovery begins with the more proactive Piedmont Vda that becomes dangerous with Bianco and Marcella whose conclusions are blocked by Guidi. At the 22 'comes the best chance of the match: White is cut down to the edge of the area, Zabellan takes charge of the punishment but your shot is accompanied by the wind on the crossbar with the goalkeeper Marche immobile. After that the 'mattanza' of the pitch begins: the first to pay the price is the captain Elisa Zabellan who has to leave the field for a muscular problem, then it is up to Barbara Toscano to leave the contest, but the injury is well more severe with the breakage of the clavicle. Finally, the last victim of this indecent playground is Emanuela Bianco, also in the pits for a bad blow to the hip. The challenge ends with the Marches pushing on the accelerator trying to worry a team very shaken by the accident of Toscano. The triple final whistle marks the end of this 'bullfight': a national championship deserves well other playgrounds.

MARCHE: Guidi, Domi, Contisciani, Volonnino, Andreacci; Boutimah (18'st Monterubbiano), Catena, Mosca, Berti; Fabbretti, Fiorella.

PIEDMONT VDA: Malosti, Giordano, Lovera, Toscano (34'st De Masi), Tabor; Civalleri (1'st Marcella), Zabellan (25'st De Masi), Mancin, Antonietti (15'st Mellano); Fasciolo, Bianco (36'st Di Nuzzo). All: Foderaro

NOTES Ammonite Zabellan, Di Maria (P)

Andrea Rubiolo


in the photograph Barbara Toscano

Enrico Manassero
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