June 11, 2015
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The Piedmontese lionesses roar twice on Lazio

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The sky is red and white above Fardella! In fact, the second day of 11 Women's Soccer in triumph ends at the 51 ° Tournament of the Regions where the representative Piedmont Valle d'Aosta defeats Lazio for 2-0, climbing to six in the standings. In the revenge of the final of the last edition changes the score (which in Fiuggi was 4-2, ed) but not the result with the Piedmontese girls who run under the stands to take the applause of the fans. This victory is the result of eighty minutes of pure passion, which falls well in the Easter week, fighting on every ball in order to take home the entire stakes. The first thrill that the match gives is in favor of the Lazio selection that after eleven first hits a post with Jetto directly on a free kick. The fear wakes the Piedmontese who hit immediately on the counterattack going to sign with Fasciolo, well prompted by Zabellan, which exceeds the output Zullo. Lazio accused the blow and the Piedmont VDA could double to 21'pt when Bianco is stopped by a super Zullo in exit. The game is hard and very unsuccessful and the referee conduct of a referee tending to let play does not help the show, but increases nervousness. The last jolt of the first portion of the game passes from the feet of Boccia serving Lorè in the area but the deviation is not a winner. In the second half the theme of the game does not change and are the median lines to be solicited, the battle takes place, in fact, in the central area of ​​the field where Zabellan and Mancin prove to be players ready to high stages. At the 9'st still happens on the feet of White the opportunity to close the match but Zullo is opposed optimally both on the first shot and on the rebound. The Lazio response is not long in coming and it is the new entry Melania Martinovic, player of the national team U-19 blue, to create havoc in the Piedmont rearguard serving Presutto in the center area, whose conclusion ends abundantly high. The swirl of changes by the two coaches does not affect the race that remains tense with a slight predominance white blue, but does not get to make headaches at Malosti. At 36'st something happens that football is very good: Di Nuzzo goes on the net corner of Mellano hitting the ball with his hand, the referee validates the network but it is the same player dell'Asterix to admit the unintentional touch, reviving the whistle .. So we arrive at 42'st when the Di Nuzzo, well served by an irresistible Fasciolo, pierces Zullo going to mark the network of tranquility. The joy explodes in the field and on the terraces: the selection of Mr. Francesco Foderaro is serious, with these girls do not mess around.

LAZIO (3-5-2): Zullo, Petrolini, Boccia, Trani; Jetto, Ciucci, Presutto (31'st Jusufi), De Vecchis, Petrelli; Angelelli (1'st Silvi), Lorè (1'st Martinovic). Available: Valeriani, Passari, Di Cerbo, Di Gennaro, Mosca, Musselli. All: Macidonio

PIEDMONT VDA (4-4-2): Malosti, Giordano, Lovera, Toscano, Tabor, Di Maria (1'st Marcella (33'st Pittorru)), Mancin, Zabellan, White (19'st Mellano), Ruby (11 'st Di Nuzzo), Fasciolo. A disp: Mognol, De Masi, Tosetto, Civalleri, Antonietti. All: Foderaro

MARKERS: 14'pt Fasciolo (P), 43'st Di Nuzzo

NOTES: ammonite Trani, (L) Toscano (P) Espulsa Boccia (L)

Andrea Rubiolo

Source: Campioni.cn

Enrico Manassero
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