Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Sicily - Piedmont

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First outing and first big win for the Piedmont Valle d'Aosta Women who liquidate with an excellent 4-1 Sicily in the first day of the 51 ° Tournament of the Regions, underway in Basilicata. Mr. Francesco Foderaro starts with a technician 4-2-3-1 with Malosti between the posts, Giordano, Lovera, Toscano eTabor to compose the defensive package, Antonietti and Di Maria in front of the defense to protect the trident behind the only tip Fasciolo: White, Zabellan and Marcella. Sicily, on the other hand, proposes a more cautious 4-4-1-1, relying on the rapid re-launch of Dragotto. Ready and the Piedmontese to have the ball to take the lead: Zabellan beats a punishment on which Toscano pounces well but the ball touches the pole. They spend a few seconds and on the developments of a corner kick beaten by De Maria still Zabellan to fly close to the goalkeeper beaten. The Sicilian team replies with a personal action of Dragotto that crosses the center where Malosti is a good guard. The offensive push of the girls of Mr. Osman produces its fruits at the 15'pt when Di Piazza exploits an indecision of the defense of Piedmont and discharges from a distance a racing car that sticks to the second post, impregnable for Malosti. Zabellan and companions do not exist and immediately start to grind game, moving to a more prudent 4-4-2 with White to climb in the advanced department. The move immediately produces the desired fruits and the opportunities flake on the feet of the same White that ends twice just to the side. In the best moment of red-white thrust comes the deserved draw with Marcella who takes advantage of a defensive mess to beat Carnevale di interno. The Piedmontese network loads the Italian champions in charge that push without finding, however, the advantage before the interval. Mister Foderaro recalls Antonietti, Di Maria and Marcella to make room for Tosetto, Mancin and Mellano. Not even the time to regroup on the bench and the Piedmont Valle d'Aosta takes the lead with the new entry Mellano that starts from the right, focuses, and left insult Carnival. The 2-1 network unnerves the Sicilian formation that begins to make fouls of frustration, even when playing still. The relentless pressing of Fasciolo and Bianco does not allow guests to set up interesting game plots, forcing them to only long throws, easy prey of the red and white rearguard. At the 25'st arrives the network that closes the games with Tosetto, who overtook mockingly Carnevale on precious assistance of Fasciolo. They spend a few seconds and it is just Fasciolo to engrave his name on the scoreboard by exploiting a passage in depth of White and going to deposit in the network behind Carnival. The final final whistle comes without further jolts and for the Piedmont Valle d'Aosta the adventure has just begun, just as it was finished in the last edition: winning. And, in the meantime, good news comes from the other challenge of the 3 Group where Marche and Liguria have drawn 1-1.

SICILY: Catanzaro, Arcangelo (27'st Morillo), Gaaliche, Governale, La Cavera (11'st Gargano (35'st Levantino)), Schirò (4'st La Martina), Lo Monaco, Guadagna (13'st Cimino), Di Piazza, Cerruto, Dragotto. A disp: Campanella, Bernardini, Giaimo, Sciarratta. All: Osman

PIEDMONT V.AOSTA: Malosti, Tabor, Giordano, Lovera, Toscano, Antonietti (1'st Mellano), Di Maria (1'st Mancin), Bianco (27'st Pittorru), Zabellan (35'st Civalleri), Marcella, Fasciolo. A disp: Mognol, Rubino, Di Nuzzo, De Masi ,. All: Foderaro

MARKERS: 15'pt By Piazza (S), 32'pt Marcella (P), 4'st Mellano (P), 25 'Tosetto (P), 27' Fasciolo (P)

From our correspondent in Basilicata Andrea Rubiolo


Enrico Manassero
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