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A victory with great meaning

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The victory obtained last Sunday against the girls dell'Azeglio goes well beyond the three points obtained, albeit very important for our ranking. In my opinion, this success holds a much more complete and gratifying meaning for all of us, who at this point we are sure of being part of a group able to express always the best of themselves, and above all prepared to make the best of any kind of emergency. The staff we have available has proven to be able to always play the game, and to maintain technical and tactical balance regardless of which are the "interpreters" to have to take the field for the game. So Sunday it happened that our team has soon metabolized the well 6 concomitant absences that have limited staff available due to injuries, influences and work commitments (S. Morello, M. Fanton, E. Viana, G. Schiavinato, A. Zanetta, M. Guardia) and indeed the girls employed during the race have really played a good performance, making the attitude of the team however determined and offensive as we are always used to trying to put into practice. Azeglio Ivrea led by Evelina Casagrande who comes to play with it without exasperated defensive tactics, which resulted in an open "challenge", unfortunately penalized on more than one occasion by the pitch, far from the technical level that the two teams have tried to practice, as potholes, clods and widely disjointed bottom have often prevented the unfolding of pleasant maneuvers ... In any case sincere congratulations to all my girls, authors of a performance at times lively and always attentive and precise in handling the various game situations. Race won deservedly and closed practically already in the first half, with the double of Maria Speranza Levis, at 11 'with a nice right from just inside the area and at 42' with a header from the corner of M. Calandra. Another couple the opportunities for our team, while on one occasion the Canavese guests become dangerous from the parts of Lu Brancaglion, with L. Borghesio who at the quarter of an hour kicks to the side from a good position. In the second half the time to close the contention on the 3 score to 0 with the realization of Manu Pitzalis that exploits, always in the lead, a cross from the corner still of M. Calandra. Then a final race that sees our blue manage with sufficient peace and possession, also thanks to the entry of 4 players who obviously bring fresh forces at the right time. Mission accomplished for our team, other 3 points forfeited that keep us at the top of the standings, and now three weeks "at the window", with two races with teams "off the charts" (Alessandria and Biellese) interspersed by the Easter break. We will thus have the opportunity to prepare for the "grand final", which will have to outline the winning of the championship, promoted directly in Serie C, and the participants in the playoffs ... but there will be time and way to talk about it.

Sunday Formations:


1) L. BRANCAGLION - Careful and punctual in the outputs, for the rest never engaged.

2) M. CALANDRA - Two assists, and good defensive attention. FROM 85 'M. VERONESE - A handful of minutes for "Martolina", good return.

3) M. TONIOLO - Some errors in disengagement, mainly due to uneven ground. In the second half, look at the essentials, and go back to the high levels to which he has accustomed us.

4) B. ANSELMO - Growing, it must take the right step in a delicate and important role that in every race requires continuous variations ... It is doing it with profit.

5) A. DI NAPOLI - Experience and continuity, good game.

6) S. POZZO - Concentrated and attentive, at the center of a defensive department that now moves with good automatisms.

7) M. BONIFACIO - Brilliant only in flashes, but touches the goal in a couple of occasions. From 73 'P. ROMITO - A good final match, with anticipations and progressions, positive!

8) M. PITZALIS - Very useful in coverage, tries to put order in the middle of the field and takes away the satisfaction of the goal.

9) I. GIORDANO - Little lucidity in the last 20 meters, good performance anyway. From the 75 'G. BOSCARO - It does not find the way of the network, but it tries stubbornly.

10) MS LEVIS - It can not always be 100% and this time it is not ... But also not at the top manages to be decisive and also achieves two goals!

11) S. MILAZZO - The "re-entry" phase is almost over. Sele is returning as a player to all intents and purposes, to prove it with great effort, providing a convincing performance! FROM 70 'C. MACHIERALDO - Good part of the race, very gritty in marking.



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