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Castellamonte - Femm. Sunrise

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Easy external success for the girls of Dilej who conquered the fifth victory on 5 in the return leg in Eporediese land, arranging without big problems of the opponents and keeping anchored to the top quarters of the ranking. Despite the technical gap of departure the albesi have the merit of not snubbing the opponent, starting immediately concentrated and imposing their game right from the start. At the 10 ° the Langhe runs ahead with the rediscovered Pons that, prompted by a cut by Zabellan, controls and marks the 1-0. At 15 ° the Dawn is already on the 2-0 thanks to a precise right from the Bozzoli limit and the 25 ° the game can already be said virtually closed, with the Pons that goes to mark in photocopy the 3-0 and the personal shotgun , once again served by Zabellan. The locals do what they can to stem the overwhelming guest, but at 40 ° conquer a penalty to the most appeared non-existent and realize from the spot the goal of 1-3, score with which the teams go to rest.

In the second half the canvas does not change and the Albese controls easily, Mr. Dilej leaves room for the young levers on the bench and in the final race the biancazzure reboot their booty: at 70 ° Zabellan starts in personal action and goes to score lonely the 4-1 network then, at 85 °, the Ressia is won a penalty and on the disk is the Ballocco, which sets the final result on the 5-1. Now for the Albese begins a long period of inactivity: between representative, Easter holidays and rest turn Cerutti and companions will return to the field only the 22 April against Real Soccer at Villastellone, before the big match of 25 April at Coppino against Musiello Saluzzo.

Female Alba: Belli, Dogliani, Ballocco, Manassero, Cerutti, Vaschetto, Ravina, Amerio, Pons, Zabellan, Bozzoli. Casetta, Ressia, Gavarino, Boffa, Pacchiotti. Coach: Dilej

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Francesca Ballocco

Enrico Manassero
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