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Castellamonte - Musiello Saluzzo

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You return to the summit, only for a week, but you return to the summit! At the end of a game without history, in fact, the Musiello Saluzzo takes advantage of the home defeat of Cit Turin and climbs to the top of the standings, knowing that he has to leave again next week when he will observe the rest.

In Castellamonte the formation of Saluzzo did not have to struggle much to get the best of the landlord, widely reworked and without the game that serves in a series C. Ready and the girls of Mr. Giuliano Musiello take the lead: Mellano serves in the penalty area Paoletti who is landed blatantly by Ricca, the referee has no doubts and grants the penalty coldly transformed by an icy Chiara Giordano. They spend a few minutes and the doubling comes directly on a free kick with 'the specialist' Chiara Minetti who from the left invents a poisonous parabola that ends in 'seven'. The offensive thrust of Saluzzo is disruptive and the 0-3 arrives punctually to the 26 'thanks to Marina Melifiori who exploits the best, anticipating the defender, a cross to the kiss of Paoletti. The Musiello raises the foot from the accelerator and keep the possession of the ball possession that seems fluid and much improved compared to the beginning of the year, a symptom of good harmony and a lot of work. In the second half, however, the thirst for goals from the Saluzzesi comes back strong and clear and it is the bomber Enrica Paoletti to play the charge. At the 12 'st Marina Melifiori returns the assist and the favor to the 9 Saluzzo that pierces Minelli from close range. A few minutes pass and it is still Paoletti to take advantage of a white side of the air to hit the innocent goalkeeper at the far post, who can only collect the ball at the back of the bag. Emanuela Bianco, the author of a praiseworthy trial, starts from the midfield with the ball at her feet, she misses two opponents in dribbling and arrives in front of the goalkeeper who beats her on the long pole. The whirlwind of changes affects the progress of the race that loses intensity and the Castellamonte can put his nose in the half field of Saluzzo but finds in front of him an excellent Beatrice Laurenti who, after taking over in Triolo, denies the joy of the Elettra Bione network . The final whistle arrives and the result sanctions the overtaking against Cit Turin defeated badly at home by Luserna. Next weekend the Saluzzesi will observe the rest and will return to the field before the Easter break against Real Calcio.

CASTELLAMONTE: Minelli F. 6, 6 A. Minelli, Storti 5.5, 6 Aramini, Sella 6.5, 5.5 Morino, Rich 5.5, 6 Bisotti, Magarelli 6.5, 5.5 Ferraro (18'st Bione 6), De Maria 6 (27'st Vivaldo 6 ). All: Maggiora

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo sv (27'st Laurenti 6.5), Minetti 6.5 (13'st Pagliano 6), Giordanino 6 (5'st Bruno Franco 6), White 7.5, 6.5 Lovera, Giordano 7, Tortone 7, 6.5 Mello (Red 23'st 6), Paoletti 7.5, Chialvo 6.5 (36'st Dutto 6), Melters 6.5. All: Musiello

MARKERS: 11'pt rig. Giordano (M), 18'pt Minetti (M), 26'pt Melifiori (M), 12'st Paoletti (M), 19'st Paoletti (M), 27'st White (M)


In the photograph: Beatrice Laurenti

Enrico Manassero
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