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Sunday of passion for the Saluzzesi who must be damned until the final whistle to obtain a victory, however deserved, against a Casale that can also regret for a failed penalty. Actually, the landlords have legitimized the success thanks to an hour of good play against an always combative Casale, which in the end has attempted the comeback thanks to a great character and facilitated by some questionable decisions by the director of race.

The game starts very well for the Musiello that already at 4 'could take the lead with Mellano who hits the head with a safe shot on the cross of Minetti but Tacconi performs a miracle. Still Mellano commits Tacconi to the 9 from afar, but the response of the extreme defender is once again applause. On the overturn in the front, Arroyo tries a free-kick and Triolo sets with confidence. At the 16 ', Paoletti is awarded a free kick just outside the area and turns it with a precise shot nell'angolino low with Tacconi for the first time in difficulty. The advantage does not seem to satisfy the girls of Mr. Musiello who continue to push close to the network with Chialvo, 20 ', very occasional flight but weak and central shot, easy prey of a careful Tacconi, with Mellano at 25', Tacconi is opposed once again effectively, and at the 27 'with White, shot high a little. At 30 ', a positive Cursi is forced to leave the field for muscle trouble and takes over Red. At the 37 'doubling of White that capitalizes at most an inattention of the host defense. The reaction of the Casale is all contained in a header of Minato on which Triolo is overcome. The first half ends with Chialvo leaving a stone from the edge but once again Sacconi, excellent test his, save his door with a feline leap by sending a corner.

In the second fraction the Casale appears more determined and at the 3 'we must think Triolo out to untangle on Oppezzo. At the 5 'however Mellano flies on the band, dribbling tight on the direct opponent and left to turn that leaves no way to Tacconi. 3-0 and apparently closed game. It is not of this opinion that Oppezzo first fails the net to empty port after a mistake of Triolo in exit and then to the 9 'exploits an indecision of Lovera and overcomes the extreme defender of Saluzzo reopening the race. Do not spend a minute and at the 10 'Minetti is invents a Eurogol from the trocar with a perfect left insult Tacconi. Once again the three points seem to be safe but Paoletti and Bianco are not able to score the blow of the final KO and Minato, with a spectacular turn from the edge, re-opens the race to the 21 '. The rhythms fall and the Saluzzo seems to suffer the game of guests who arrive at the shot with the new entrance Boa, Triolo para, with Arroyo, out of little and still with Oppezzo, high. In the final minutes, even the referee whistles for a foul penalty for Dutto's foul, Arroyo kicks to the side, and then invents another when Tortone regularly opposes an opponent at the edge of the area. Unmistakable the race director despite the vibrant protests of the Saluzzo and Arroyo redeemed by displacing Triolo: 4-3 and last frantic minutes when the Casale proves to be a team of great temperament and the referee unable to handle a race that suddenly became incandescent. So the warnings for nervosa Saluzzesi, well 3 in the last two minutes of play, and the whistled doubts on which they protest both the benches.

At 47 ', triple whistle and sigh of relief for the landlords who maintain the unbeaten home and continue the run-up to Cit Turin. Congratulations to an ostico Casale which remains the regret for the failed penalty.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo 6,5, Cursi 6 (From 30 'Red 6,5), Dutto 6, White 6,5 (From 80' Melifiori Sv), Lovera 5,5 (From 70 'Brunofranco 6), Giordano 7, Tortone 7,5, Mellano 6,5 (Dall'80' Pagliano Sv), Paoletti 6,5, Chialvo 6, Minetti 7. ALL: MUSIELLO GIULIANO

HOUSE: Tacconi 7,5, Falato 6,5 (Dal'80 'Ferrato Sv), Minato 7 (From 75' Boa 6,5), Nardiello 6,5, Menegazzo 6, Costa 6,5, Maiorana 5,5 (From 46 'Hernandez 6,5), Capra 6, Arroyo 7, Simeone 6,5, Oppezzo 7. ALL: LORENZINI M. GRAZIA

NETWORKS: 9 'Paoletti (MS), 37' White (MS), 50 'Mellano (MS), 54' Oppezzo (Ca), 55 'Minetti (MS), 65' Minato (Ca), 90 'Arroyo (Ca)

Notes: corner: 11-6 for the Musiello Saluzzo, shots: 23 (13 in the door) Musiello Saluzzo, 19 (10 in the door) Casale.


In the photograph: Giulia Bruno Franco

Enrico Manassero
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