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Spring weather and playground in perfect condition are the setting for the resumption of the series C series of women who sees the owners of the Cavallermaggiore opposite the girls of Musiello Saluzzo.

Different motivations for the two teams, with the premises determined to make points to continue to chase the salvation and guests who must respond to the victory of the leaders Cit Turin.

Under the watchful eyes of the selector of the regional representative Francesco Foderaro, the two teams still appear rusty after the winter break and the rhythms are therefore necessarily low. Despite this, it immediately becomes clear the script of the race with the Saluzzesi engaged to push and the landlords ready to go out on the break.

At 3 ', Cursi is free to shoot but kicks to the side, same fate to 12' for Chialvo that fails to frame the door. Mellano in the band sowing the panic whenever he is in possession of the ball but his assists are not collected by Paoletti first and then White. At the 25 'first sorti offensive off the Cavallermaggiore that takes advantage of a wrong disengagement to bring to the Pegoraro shot which is effectively opposed Triolo.

Tortone, Cursi and Mellano appear to be the most dynamic and create many problems for the rearguard, providing assistance and reaching the shot on many occasions but without being able to unlock the result. Just from a percussion of Mellano, at 38 ', comes the guest advantage with Chialvo skillful and quick to reiterate in the network of head a cross on which they had fooled White and Paoletti. The advantage from trust to Musiello Saluzzo who insistently tries to double with Cursi, powerful shot but out, Minetti, high-flying volley, still Cursi, high shot from a good position. The Cavallermaggiore seems stunned but tries to react, with Murialdo trying to orchestrate offensive maneuvers nullified by the precarious physical condition of Ferrero and the imprecision of Paschetta. At the end of the first part of the game, Tortone harpooned a cross by Paoletti and displaced the goalkeeper with a right-hand corner in the low corner of Manzardo's right.

The recovery opens with a more determined Cavallermaggiore that at the 3 'touches the net on corners but Cursi saves on the line. On the overturn in front, the referee awarded the penalty for the knockdown of Paoletti. The same bomber goes to the line but the shot, weak and central, is easy prey to Manzardo. Irritated by the failed penalty, Paoletti begins his personal battle in search of the goal and comes to the shot four times without luck. At the 15 ', lost by the Saluzzesi in the restart phase and Lovera is forced to interrupt the Murialdo action: yellow and punishment for the Cavallermaggiore that ends just wide. At the 22 'the usual Pegoraro takes advantage of a wrong exit of Triolo but the conclusion ends at the side of very little. At the 24 ', an uncontainable Mellano makes fun of the opposing defense and serves an inviting assist on which he pounces Paoletti who realizes mocking a Manzardo not exactly free from guilt. The pride of the landlord produces a good reaction that leads to the Murialdo shot, out of a little, Ferrero, weak shot easily parried, Griglio, fray untangled by Cursi. In the final minutes, Minetti tries his personal goal with greater insistence, missing a breath the winning deviation to 38 'on Pagliano's cross and to 39' on Paoletti's precise assist. But at 40 'find a network of fine workmanship with a beautiful lob from outside the area that leaves no way out to Manzardo. On the 0-4, the guests catch and commit some lightness too much in the middle of the field allowing a clever Pegoraro to steal the ball and beat Triolo out for the goal of the flag.

After 3 minutes of recovery, the referee sends the two exhausted teams in the locker room.

Cavallermaggiore: MANZARDO 5,5, 6 STRAFF, 5 MAZZOLENI, 5 GAMBLING (from 56 'TOSA 6), 6 HEAVY, 6,5 MURIALDO, 6 OLIVET, 6 WORD, 5 PASCHETTA (from 50' GRAY 5,5), PEGORARO 7, FERRERO 5 (from 82 ' BERTOLA sv).

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: TRANX 6, RED 5,5, CURSI 6,5 (from 78 'BRUNOFRANCO 6), WHITE 6,5, LOVERA 6,5, JORDAN 7, TORTONE 7 (from 77' DUTTO 6,5), MELLANO 7,5 (from 73 'PAGLIANO 6,5), PAULETTI 6,5, CHIALVO 6 , MINETTI 6,5.

Networks: 38 'CHIALVO (MS), 44' TORTONE (MS), 69 'PAULETTI (MS), 85' MINETTI (MS), 87 'PEGORARO (CAV)

Notes: 13-5 corner for Musiello Saluzzo, 25 shots (15 in goal) Musiello Saluzzo, 9 (5 in goal) Cavallermaggiore.


In the photograph Francesca Mellano

Enrico Manassero
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