Tuesday, May 26 2020
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Biellese - Astisport

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"It's a ruthless and opportunistic Biellese that manages to snatch the 3 points in the difficult match in key salvation against the Asti rivals.The Viola, without Clarizio, Maugeri and Capellaro take to the field with the right determination and push themselves forward From the first minutes of the game, bringing the landlords to the advantage, it is Rossetti who capitalizes on Moutawakkil's indecisiveness, depositing on the 1 network to 0.The guests rely on long throws to trigger the points Salvioli and Marcella but they can not hurt the rearguard viola always well placed.The Biellese has several opportunities to double with Triani that comes off well head but can not find the door, with Rossetti sending to the side from a good position and with Bani who throws to the wind is an excellent opportunity, quickly and abruptly from the edge of the air face to face with the goalkeeper.On the end of the first half, due to a too bland closing of the purple defenders, Salvioli si nserisce centrally and pierces with a lob the innocent Gallo. In the second half the Asti touch the advantage with a couple of occasions that the extreme defender Gallo sventa without too much trouble. Shortly after, Orlandin tries on a free kick, but finds the head of De Masi who saves on the goal line. The guests can not anything however on the subsequent punishment of Rigolone that brings the landlords to the advantage. In the final, Orlandin seals the 3 to 1 which extinguishes the hopes of the recovery of Asti but turns into jitters that lead to the "scuffle" triggered in the minutes of recovery with Bani and Salvioli, both rightfully expelled. Absolutely groundless the complaints of the host management about the presence at the end of the race of strangers inside the gaming enclosure, which had already been previously reported, as per regulation, to the race director and correctly entered in the separate list although not participating at the meeting. The championship will resume the 5 February, with the first day of the second round that will see the Biella involved in the home round against the fearsome Alba.

Enrico Manassero
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