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In the last round before the Christmas break comes the tenth victory for the Musiello Saluzzo that dominates the field for the Sport Valenza for ninety minutes, fully deserving the three points. The pre-game is seasoned, unfortunately by the 'yellow' Mellano: the management of Valenza confides to have received a call from Turin to suggest an appeal in case the Saluzzo area was taken to the field. Mister Musiello prefers to leave in the stands the young athlete, class' 97, despite the assurances from the Federation. Returning to the field, and without taking into account these annoying attempts that risk poisoning a championship so far beautiful and hard-fought, we witness a wonderful game between two teams equipped with excellent technique and great temperament.

It is the formation of Saluzzo to make the match, pushing from the beginning towards the goal defended by Crozza. After a few attempts from the distance marked Melifiori and Chialvo arrives, however, the cold shower with the goal guest of Valentina Amandola, a player of another category, who stays in the chest in the penalty area, turns in a handkerchief and pierces Triolo. We are at the 20 'and the Musiello, albeit under a network, is not broken by continuing the shooting at the target against Crozza that capitulates to 38': corner beaten by White where they fade Paoletti and Giordano, the winning touch is the tip of Saluzzo that initials , thus, the draw network.

A handsome Musiello Saluzzo continues to try to take the lead until the end of the first half but Tortone's shot is countered by Crozza's excellent save.

In the second half the Saluzzese thrust finally produces the desired effects when Bianco brushes from the left a cross on the head of Enrica Paoletti who turns on the net by signing her personal double. The Sport Valenza accuses the blow and relies exclusively on the offensive sorties of Gabba and Amandola, true headlights of this team, without creating big headaches in Triolo.

The Musiello Saluzzo could spread with Melifiori, Cursi, White and Red but the conclusions lack precision or are neutralized by excellent interventions of the extreme home defender.

The match closes without further jolts with one single point: the Musiello Saluzzo is alive and after the Christmas break you will resume your journey to the summit.

Amaro, despite the victory, the outburst of the salesperson Andrea Rubiolo ds at the end of the race: "Today we played a great race, on a difficult field like that of Valencia we created several scoring balls proving to deserve the victory. instead comes from someone who hides loathsically behind a telephone, neutralized only by the correctness of the leaders of the Valenza.To this person goes, however, all my understanding and my solidarity because if you get to do these 'blown' means you're going through a very difficult period ".

The female C series will now face the winter break to resume the championship in February 2012.

SPORT VALENZA: Crozza 6.5, Zampieri 6, Christmas 6, Schillaci 5.5, Tiscione 5.5, Codispoti 6, Gabba 7, Loving 7.5, English 6 (18'st Chiarion 6), Martinoli 6.5, Pirron 6 (31'st Gandini 5.5). All: Canton

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triumph 6.5, Red 6.5, Dutto 6.5, White 7, Lovera 6.5, Giordano 6.5, Torton 7, Melters 7 (29'st Minetti sv), Paoletti 7.5, Chialvo 6.5, Cursi 6.5. Available: Laurenti, Benso, Arnaudo, Pagliano. All: Musiello

MARKERS: 21'pt Amandola (V), 38'pt Paoletti (M), 4'st Paoletti (M)


In the photograph: Enrica Paoletti goleador of the day

Enrico Manassero
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