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Challenging transfer, but at the end, a great victory!

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The home team is presented at the start with several changes in organic compared to the first leg, and in the field the alexandrine line up with good tactical order and considerable competitive determination, confirming the improvements already noted in the latest performance.

On our part, instead, a bit 'of imprecision in the last 15 meters especially at the beginning, and a first half definitely below tone than usual. The result was a race far from simple for our colors despite the final score, with a victory despite the wide and deserved only gained in the last half hour of play, the result of a second time still excellent by the blue cossatesi, for the occasion in black-pink uniform.

On the synthetic of Tortona we try to start immediately strong, and in fact 4 are our dangerous conclusions in the first quarter of an hour of competition, but in three of these occasions Alessia Picchi, home goalkeeper, who rejects 2 punishment, is very good S. Pozzo at 5 'and M. Fanton at 11', and blocks a nice diagonal of the same Fanton at 12 '. MS Levis instead rises from a good position to the 6 '.

Sudden and sudden our decline, with a game that does not take off, the team suddenly long and unresponsive and consequently defended in trouble on the fast re-start of the home team, very dangerous especially with the always good and experienced Elisa Barabino, who at 24 'realizes head on a cross coming from the left. The goal of the advantage galvanizes the Tortona, which in a couple of occasions is close to doubling, with Barabino and Ranaldo, whose conclusions do not center however the goal defended by L. Brancaglion.

Finally an important reaction from my team, if only with a good ball possession found in the last 10 minutes of the first half, which leads to 3 conclusions within a few minutes by Levis, Anselmo and Morello but they have no outcome positive. But the draw, now in the air, comes to the 43 'thanks to a wonderful personal action of Maria Hope Levis, who on the left skips two opponents before depositing the goal of 1 1 on the net with which closes the first fraction.

Proportional interval, during which we have the opportunity to make a couple of substitutions by making tactical corrections, but above all to "reset" the team mentally, in order to face the shot with a completely different spirit ... And in fact in the second half we could watch another game, and our girls who appeared almost regenerated ... Careful and precise defense, in which Marilena Calandra practically cancels the potential offensive of E. Barabino, finally ordered midfield, with Manuela Pitzalis retrieve balls well assisted by Benedetta Anselmo, offensive phase well supported by the suggestions of the good Ilaria Giordano.

Not even an inadequate arbitrage and not up to the situation (sometimes even the referees can be bad day) can dampen the pace of the second 45 ', which saw our girls close the Alexandrine in their half, create games and opportunities, go to the shooting at least ten times against only one of Tortona (on the occasion of the temporary 2 2 goal), and then conclude the game with a clear and deserved victory.

In this case I would limit the news to the networks, really many! ...

Guest advantage at the beginning of the second half, with Maria Speranza Levis, who signed her personal double win by taking advantage of an assist of the "sister" S. Morello, making a left-wing move to the 47 '. Five minutes later Elena D'Elia shoots from 30 meters a pitched punishment that catches unprepared Lu Brancaglion mocked under the crossbar, and we are two peers. That will be the last shot made to our door until the end of the race ...

Half an hour from the end the game is decided, with two goals in two minutes freezing the Tortona. At the 62 'is Sabina Morello to realize the external advantage finalizing a good action developed on the right, while at 63' Ilaria Giordano signs the 4 to 2 with a splendid network! Our "Gio" leaves a powerful and precise right from outside the area, and sends the ball to grab the "seven" to the right of the good A. Picchi who only manages to divert the ball slightly. In the final round the networks that round the score in our favor, with 5 to 2 signed by Melissa Bonifacio, a nice right from inside the 85 'area, and the definitive 6 to 2 signed by Benedetta Anselmo at 91' with a beautiful punishment from the 20 meters.

A little 'suffering then, and then enjoy a wonderful closure by our team, with the satisfaction of finishing this first part of the season as leaders.

With the hope that the new year can still see us protagonists and able to play to the end of such an important goal, I take this opportunity before the long "competitive break", to offer the most sincere and warmest wishes for serene and joyful holidays to everyone.

To the players, the staff, the parents and supporters of my team and the Cossato Calcio club, to all the teams that we face on Sunday soccer fields, to managers and referees without whom, let's remember, we would not even "turn on" the football machine "... WISH YOU ALL, and see you in February 2012 ...

Comment by Claudio Viglione.

Sunday Formations:



1) L. BRANCAGLION - Undecided, not reactive as he had accustomed us ... day a little 'wrong.

2) C. MACHIERALDO - The good Barabino puts the difficulty, and a blow to the head worsens the situation. Mandatory change. FROM THE 46 'M. CALANDRA - Enter and "gag" the first opposing tip with experience and determination.

3) M. TONIOLO - Slow and unreactive in the first half. Toned and determined in the shot, the photograph of the whole team.

4) B. ANSELMO - Excellent performance in the middle of the field, in the second half nothing is wrong and scores a nice goal.

5) M. FANTON - At times uncontrollable, tactic effort in the first half even if it goes close to the goal. The change in the band in the second half turns it big.

6) S. POZZO - First time nightmares, with the companions who dance whenever the opponents attack us, so even our captain sees it ugly. Second quiet time, to direct a defense that no longer misses anything!

7) M. OF NAPLES - Careful and willing, a stubborn match! FROM THE 68 'M. BONIFACIO - For Melissa 20 'very good, with intensity and a nice goal.

8) M. PITZALIS - In the first half, not even many of her, after the interval recovers position and lots of balls. It also hits a crossbar before replacement. FROM THE 85 'P. ROMITO - A couple of nice "bucking" on the band, in a few minutes a lot of determination.

9) S. MORELLO - He suffers many fouls even unpunished, but holds and struggles as always. A goal and an assist just to please. FROM 88 'G. BOSCARO - Even for her a handful of minutes, in a crescendo ending.

10) MS LEVIS - Nervous and inaccurate in the early 45 ', unstoppable in the second half. She suffers countless fouls herself, but responds with two goals and wonderful games.

11) A. ZANETTA - Perhaps we have asked too much in continuity of performance to a "very young" like her. A negative Sunday can be there. FROM 46 'I. GIORDANO - Simply perfect! Enter with a desire to do incredible good and succeeds great, helping to change the course of the race at a tactical level and creating a network to frame.



In the photograph: Stefania Pozzo

Enrico Manassero
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