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Great match, a worthy closure of the first round!

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Returning from the difficult trip to Novara on the ground of the highly-prized Sanmartinese there remains only one regret, that of having suffered the net of the final draw at the 93 ', the last breath of a real race, intense, played and sometimes fought, tough and so say "male", in which the teams in the field have spared absolutely nothing in an attempt to win it. I think the final result is all in all fair, with a fair draw to reward both contenders protagonists not only of a good game, but also a great first round, closed just last Sunday.

At the so-called "turning point" the novaresi favorites are in third place, with 13 points to the assets, preceded by Borghetto Borbera, another team just relegated from the series C and with all the intentions to return immediately. 15 points in the standings for the alexandrine, second only one length from our team, a Cossato Calcio with a very young middle age but also with the necessary experience and quality to play their cards in an exciting championship!

Leader after the first 6 races (those that count for the classification, in a championship that also sees 3 teams participate without actual score), with 16 points to the fruit result of 5 wins and 1 draw, the only team so far unbeaten and unique to be always went on the net in each of the races played so far.

A journey so far exciting, a first place that we enjoy but that from next Sunday we will know how to get back into play, aware that what has been achieved up to this point is still nothing, or rather it is only part of what needs to be done to be in able to stay at the top until the end of the season. Of course we will do our best, playing with the most popular opponents, without neglecting anything to get such an important and rewarding, proving to have a group of girls deserving to be protagonists. With so much humility, but with the right enthusiasm!

We come to the away game in Novara: the match starts badly for us, with an unprecedented form that is struggling to take off, and especially with a Sanmartinese that starts very strong, taking advantage of the skills and experience of a respectable and certainly "superior category". The first half of the first half of the game sees the home team owner of the field, and 8 'the first goal ball, with a shot to conclude a scrum in the area and the ball that goes to chip the top of the crossbar. Nothing to do at the 17 'for our defense, with Vittoria Viola who just inside the area kicked the ball 1 to the 0 ... and five minutes later it was Valentina Villarboito to kick a nice free kick sending the ball to hit the crossbar. Having escaped the danger, slowly we try to react and enter the game. Around the half hour replacement with modification of tactical deployment that brings balance and new vitality to our team, the girls find again game and strength, completely reversing the values ​​in the second half of the first half.

Again precise and fast, to create two decidedly brilliant actions for the two goals that overturn the result ... At 37 'Benedetta Anselmo proposes and receives on the right, skips an opponent and accurately serves Sabina Morello, control of left in the race, return by discarding a defender and a draw goal with a right-footed shot on the near post. A really nice goal!

Then the same S. Morello decides to take the role of "assist-women", fly on the right served by MS Levis, cross stretch low shotgun for the accident Ale Zanetta that puts the ball into the net of our advantage. 1 to 2 at the interval therefore, at the end of 45 'pleasant.

Shooting, the Sanmartinese is not there and tries at all costs to riagguantare the result. A lot of pressure to which our defense manages to hold up with order, but when the "pieces from 90" of the home team fired their shots are able to put anyone in difficulty. And here they are then the good Elisa Novello kick from the 25 meters and hit the crossbar at the 55 '... Valentina Villarboito just one minute after beating a punishment that our Lucrezia Brancaglion flies to deviate into the corner ... and could not miss Vittoria Viola who at the 60 'invents a spectacular reversed in the middle of the area to which our young goalkeeper still responds with a deflection equally spectacular, the classic parade that is worth as much as a goal scored! It would seem that the moment was more difficult for us, and soon after that the ball could close the race, at 65 ', with a wonderful action by Maria Speranza Levis who manages to unmark S. Morello a few meters from the goalkeeper , but unfortunately his conclusion of internal right out of the right little Marta Giglioli now beaten ... Then the game slips on a more nervous script, a more pronounced agonistic determination by the most experienced and navigate home players to which anyway our girls hold up, there are a lot of interruptions due to a foul play and more and more rare actions of the game, with the race that is dragging towards the end without particular jolts.

Third minute of recovery, at the last corner, ball in the middle and kicked out of the area, right there, ready and attentive like a hawk on the prey, Ketty Mancin reminds everyone that comes from the B series and stamps the result, kicking on the right wing and putting 2's 2 ball into the net for the final draw!

Congratulations to both teams for what they have been able to put on the pitch, congratulations to my girls for this wonderful first round, hoping that it is only a starting point ...

Next Sunday we travel. Transfer to Tortona for our colors, while Sanmartinese and Borghetto face Romagnano and Biellese respectively. After a long break, with a stop in the Championship for over 2 months ... the "racing" has been set for 26 February 2012.

The Formations:



1) L. BRANCAGLION - Excellent performance, amazing on at least two occasions!

2) C. MACHIERALDO - Increasingly convincing.

3) M. GUARD - At the beginning like all the defense then, already admonished, it is up to her to go out for the "tactical change". From 35 'B. ANSELMO - Definitely a match of quality and quantity ... too bad the nervousness in the final that obliges us to replace. From 85 'M. BONIFACIO - He enters to give a strong hand in a very warm, good final.

4) E. VIANA - His experience is very useful in these races. Positive especially in the first half.

5) M. FANTON - Spelled at the beginning, constant and constructive for the rest of the race.

6) S. POZZO - The Captain never gives up. Maybe not brilliant, but always punctual and attentive in every juncture. He never loses his head.

7) M. CALANDRA - Tenacious, as always, even if he suffers more than necessary in the first half.

8) M. PITZALIS - She is also a guarantee in terms of experience and tactical sense. It is not at 100% but it is important in decisive and "hot" moments.

9) S. MORELLO - Despite a strict mark and the many fouls suffered scores a goal, provides an assist, miss the 1 3 network ... I would say nothing wrong!

10) MS LEVIS - Often it is limited with double markings and various failed operations ... when it manages to free itself, it is always precious. It fell dramatically in the final race.

11) A. ZANETTA - It's no longer a surprise! It fits very well after a few minutes to this type of competition, of decidedly noteworthy intensity and new for her. Always up to the situation you also remove the satisfaction of the goal! From the 70 'M. DI NAPOLI - In the last important half hour of the game puts experience and a lot of racing at the service of the team. At the right time with the right character!



Comment by Claudio Viglione

In the photograph the two coaches Marchi and Viglione

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