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Welcome back Selena !!!

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The game played on the "friend field of Mottalciata" last Sunday saw the welcome return on the playing field Selena Milazzo! After an important and positive experience in the ranks of the Romagnano, the striker has settled into our association three seasons ago. A year of series C with many presences then last fall, after the first championship games, the stop to football played to allow the evolution of pregnancy.

Little Martina came to the 6 world months ago, and on Sunday she was able to live her first real spectator match at the sideline with her father, while Mamma Selena made a new debut after 14 months of stop, taking the field between enthusiasm of all, companions and opponents, and disputing one hour of competition to the height of the situation ... I am sure that soon will find the perfect shape and can be useful to the team.

The match has seen two teams play football with serenity and fun, Cossato and Romagnano, which among other things can boast in recent years a relationship of mutual respect and respect, have tried to pursue their current goals in this occasion. The novarese in the field always with tenacity, despite their games do not count for the ranking, and with the right technical balance of players who must stand out for the first team, a feature that has allowed them to lose so far only the first championship . On our part, however, a bit 'of news in the initial eleventh and during the race, to give the right space to those who have played less so far and to give way to all girls to highlight potential and attitudes.

Very well balanced the first half, with a certain supremacy on our part only in the "possession of the ball", while clear net occasions have not been seen, if we exclude a cross from the left by Marta Fanton directly to hit the long pole climbing over Martina Notaristefano.

The recovery has appeared more lively, and more fun even for the public busy fighting the cold autumn fog! Committed the two goalkeepers on several occasions, with our Lu Brancaglion very diligent and punctual in some exits, while for the guests M. Notaristefano has made three important interventions: at 51 'on the shot of B. Anselmo deviating in corner, two minutes later rejecting a conclusion proper of the returning Sele Milazzo and 83 'rejecting a punishment of S. Morello. The same Sabina was the author of the goal-game at 73 ', with a beautiful right to cross after an excellent triangulation with Maria Hope Levis.

Next Sunday the delicate trip of Novara awaits us on the Sanmartinese field, while the girls of Mister De Caroli will meet Azeglio Ivrea.


1) L. BRANCAGLION - Careful and precise when the balls come out from the fog.

2) M. BONIFACIO - A melissa determined and punctual in the defensive interventions.

3) C. MACHIERALDO - Carola is the youngest, but already looks like a veteran. Go on like this. (From the 70 'M. GUARD - A race finale that serves as good training for her)

4) B. ANSELMO- Good performance as a midfielder, positive especially in the second half.

5) M. FANTON - An absolute guarantee.

6) M. TONIOLO - The "student" of Stefania Pozzo follows the advice of the Captain, today on the bench, and disputes a very good race from "central defensive".

7) P. ROMITO- The ankle is better, the emotion is passing, and Prisca is growing! Beautiful performance, tactically attentive and with good ride. (From 60 'M. VERONESE - Very good Marta in a half-hour race with determination and grit!)

8) M. PITZALIS - You sacrifice a lot because the tactical situation this Sunday allows you a few leaps forward. Continuity and precision, however, are not lacking.

9) S. MILAZZO - As in the "title" ... Welcome Selena! And it also touches the goal. (From 55 'S. MORELLO - Enter the field to give depth to the attack, his beautiful goal decisive.)

10) I. GIORDANO - Our Gio seems to be in the swing ... Part of it is fine, then it goes down decidedly, finally it recovers in the second half. (From the 70 'MS LEVIS - Less than half an hour for Maria Speranza, however important in the economy of the game.)

11) G. SLAVED - Without treble in the last 15 meters, but still a good first half for her. (FROM 46 'G. BOSCARO - 45' also for Giuly, fighting the right, also has an opportunity that fails to turn into a goal).






Comment by Claudio Viglione.

in the photograph: Selena Milazzo

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