Femm. Alba - Luserna

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The Albese drives out the ghosts of the mini-crisis related to the defeat of Saluzzo and the draw with Asti, returns to grind the game in his way and clearly exceeds with a dry 4-1 the listed Luserna, inflicting opponents their second seasonal defeat . The Langhe starts immediately very aggressive, drying up the sources of guest play and dictating the law in the middle of the field, and the 6 ° go ahead with the Pons that, using an empty exit of the goalkeeper, realizes the 1-0 with a lob back to the door. At the 16 ° the deadly doubling was again thanks to Pons, who anticipated the direct scorer and put the 2-0 on the corner. At the 21 ° the race could close permanently: Bozzoli launched on the counterattack was landed in the air by the departing goalkeeper, with consequent expulsion, the penalty is entrusted to the specialist Zabellan, but kicked badly out.

The start of the Albese rocket exhausts its propulsive action but the guests remain dazed so that, until the end of time, it remains easy game for the landlords to handle the race without risk.

In the second half the Luserna is presented in a determined field and, like a wounded beast, tries to "bite" to more I can not: the 48 ° comes the 1-2 goal with a low shot of the Mazzucchetti then, for 10 minutes, host attacks follow each other with obstinate frequency but, fortunately for the Langhe, with little effectiveness. At the 60 ° the Albese resumed the off again thanks to the Gallo who, from the spot, scored the penalty of 3-1 conceded for another foul on the wild Bozzoli. On this network the Luserna ammaina flag and the 71 ° the coup de grace comes perhaps thanks to the best in the field, that the Bozzoli, on the outgoing goalkeeper, seals its excellent race with the delicious lob of the 4-1 final.

Satisfied at the end of the race Mr. Dilej: "Excellent result against an excellent team, which puts us back on track after the last two results not fully positive .The girls have responded very well in the field to the stimuli received in the week, disputing a tender and putting highlighting his best skills, difficult to define the best in the field, among all I choose the Vaschetto, which today has worked as a perfect metronome in the middle of the field. "

Female Albese: Belli, Dogliani (Mohammadi), Gallo, Ballocco, Manassero, Sacco (Amerio), Pons (Cerutti), Ravina, Vaschetto (Massa), Zabellan, Bozzoli. Available to Dilej: Bussi, Gavarino, Pacchiotti.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Roberta Bozzoli

Enrico Manassero
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