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The broad victory in the Cossano area is ripe in the second half

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The white girls dressed in the Polisportiva Azzurra Verbano Cusio Ossola were defeated by the Azzurri of Cossato Calcio 2010 for six goals at zero. Beyond the "game of colors" I would like to point out that the wide score with which the clear final victory has taken shape has matured only in the second forty-five minutes of the race.

The first time saw my team protagonist of a performance definitely under tone compared to the last league releases, with a game that does not find continuity nor much less fluidity in maneuvers. The host team takes advantage of it, which puts into play a lot of determination, a right competitive position in applying the markings and defensive phase, and despite the practical act does not put us in serious difficulty in terms of network opportunities, however, succeeds in intent to limit our offensive actions a lot and harness our games already in midfield. On this side, very effective in this phase Nicoletta Cerini (in my opinion the best of guests) who surrenders only in the end to a muscular problem, Alessia Rovereti is good at handling many balls, and Cristina Capristo herself, who always keeps "on the lives "our defense. Despite the non-brilliant moment we still manage to show up in the area - goal, after having touched the post with M. Hope Levis already at the first minute. For two times Giulia Patritti stands out with excellent saves on Levis and Calandra at 10 'and 37', while at 30 'and 31' is the crossbar to reject a free kick by Stefania Pozzo and then a lob by Alessandra Zanetta. And it is precisely the same Ale Zanetta to realize the 1 to 0, result of the most beautiful maneuver of the first time, putting in the head of a beautiful cross from the right of M. Fanton. After a break I would say very propitious to enter the field for a second time that will bring freshness athletic (with the 5 substitutions in 45 ') new tactical and competitive vitality (obviously a matter of "head") and rediscovered harmony of play ... As a logical consequence a second part of the race arises in which the pure players of the Azzurra are no longer able to stem the increasingly pressing offensive actions of our team, which at that point often turn into occasions, turned into goals for well 5 times. The doubling, at 48 ', bears the signature of Marilena Calandra who still heads the corner from the usual Marta Fanton, who then at the 61' takes away the satisfaction of the personal goal with a precise left after a good action. Bella double the Sabina Morello (only 45 minutes for her back from injury) that 72 'and 90' beats the goalkeeper first juggling in the area in the middle of 3 opponents and then taking advantage of a precise cross of Prisca Romito. In the middle there is the fifth network, by MS Levis, with a precise conclusion from outside the area. Final score that leaves no doubt about the legitimacy of success, obtained this time by a team "with two faces", whose second face was definitely better! This is also a piece of the puzzle that we are composing and which we have called "growth path" ... Next Sunday we will return to "do not do rankings", facing the Romagnano, while for the Azzurra there is a demanding race, which will see it opposed to Sanmartinese.


1) BRANCAGLION L. - Careful and precise in the exits, never busy between the posts.

2) MACHIERALDO C. - Excellent performance, virtually eliminated the opposing tip.

3) GUARD M. - Always attentive, even if some errorino this time if he gives it.

4) GIORDANO I. - Reduce from injury, just one time without big profit.

5) FANTON M. - Tied up and shy in the first half, brilliant and irresistible in the second half, 2 assist and 1 goal

6) POZZO S. - Suda in the first half in managing the defensive phase as the team wobbles, in the second half is bored, because the companions do not allow more opponents to get worried.

7) CALANDRA M. - The usual joker. A time from first point, then in midfield, closes in defense. And score a goal!

8) PITZALIS M. - She does not even emerge as she has accustomed us in the middle of the field. Better in the recovery, grows like all his companions.

9) ZANETTA A. - Third goal of the championship for her, and I would say the most important, given that she broke a moment of dangerous balance.

11) LEVIS MS - It does not differ from the companions ... not seen in the first half, uncontrollable in the second half.

11) ANSELMO B. - This time does not shine, does not take advantage of the band, is not proposed in the push phase.


11) BOSCARO G. - A good final race for her.

11) DI NAPOLI M. - Its second half is really excellent.

11) MORELLO S. - Only 45 ', but of absolute quality, with two networks active.

11) ROMITO P. - Good! He puts the training into practice and takes advantage of the band, nice assists for the sixth goal.

11) SCHIAVINATO G. - Half an hour important for her and for the team. Some very good games.





Comment by Claudio Viglione

Enrico Manassero
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