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Third round of the championship and third consecutive win for our team, but certainly the latter was the most important, obtained against a newly retired Borghetto from the upper category and with a staff of all respect, intent on going back immediately. A game then that has provided positive and encouraging answers regarding our journey, and if we obviously have to keep our feet firmly on the ground avoiding presumptuous sin in the next confrontation, we still leave the match yesterday with the awareness of being able to be protagonists of a good season, it will be up to us, all together, with the compactness of this group, to succeed in making sure that it is the best possible ...

I expected a difficult game, with an adversary expert, square and balanced tactically and with a good offensive potential. The first half was tonic and fought by both teams, with many plots developed in midfield but very few points in the opposing area, with defenses almost always winning against the attackers. In these situations it is important to minimize any errors, because the punishment in this case is always around the corner ...

So in the first 45 'opportunities are reduced to a minimum, and it is a double defensive mess of the guests to give the 20' a wonderful opportunity for Sabina Morello, who is first on the ball a ball escaped the goalkeeper, but the shot is rejected from a defender, and immediately after the same blue striker clears from a few steps the ball put in the middle by a cross of Marta Fanton. On the opposite side a defensive placement error allows for a long launch to Sara Di Paola to present herself in the area, but our goalkeeper Lu Brancaglion with a wonderful and timely release manages to foil the ball goal. Few jolts despite both the contenders are not spared, and while everyone is preparing for the interval comes suddenly our advantage, with S. Morello who exploits an indecision of the backward department of the opponent and the developments of a lineout is presented face to face with the goalkeeper and beats it with an easy touch with a low shot. Going to the break on 1 0 is certainly beneficial to our management of the second part of the race. Immediate on our part a replacement that, added to the change made around the 40 'in the first fraction of the game, involves a couple of tactical changes that put in difficulty the Borghetto, however, leaning forward looking for a draw. In the first minutes of the second half, the Alexandrians take a couple of punishments from the distance and make a pair of dangerous crosses on which our defenders stand, while within four minutes Benedetta Anselmo manages to serve two wonderful assists for our points, first for S . Morello kicking to the side, then for MS Levis that is blocked by a wonderful release of Federica Strata. Our team is growing, the pace of the game is raised and the 56 'doubles up. Manuela Pitzalis retrieves a ball on our trocar and serves along the line S. Morello, defense of the ball and quick assist to serve Maria Hope Levis, dry double dribbling to fall and left shot to sign the 2 network to 0. The opponents seem disoriented, push again and take advantage of the excellent moment, realizing a few minutes later (61 ') 3 0, with S. Morello reiterates in the net from a few steps a ball rejected by the goalkeeper. Honor to the girls of Borghetto, who always believe in it, never stop looking for the goal, they fight on every ball trying to reopen the race, and at 65 'they go to tell the truth very close, with their clearest opportunity of the whole meeting. And 'the usual Sara Di Paola to take advantage of a corner and with a great header sends the ball to print on the crossbar, it is not a day for the guests ... then start to fall, while our team can take advantage of the freshness athletics also made by substitutions and continue to create actions in depth. At the 80 'and the 84' the two Levis and Morello networks that fix the result on 5 to 0. The final score is very heavy for the Borghetto, team in my view of organized and tough that can play a top league, but in any case the victory well deserved by our girls, protagonists of an excellent performance, in all respects! !! Congratulations then to both teams that have given birth to a fight fought but pleasant and quite correct. Next Sunday the opportunity for a quick redemption for the Alexandrians, who will host another very popular team of this championship, the Sanmartinese Novara. For our team, however, a very challenging away game, in the home of quell'Azeglio Ivrea launched, back from a very positive start to the season with three wins in as many races, even if two of these do not count for the classification.

FOOTBALL FOOTBALL: L. BRANCAGLION (some timely releases), M. TONIOLO (45 'with attention) from 46' I. GIORDANO (a great second half), M. GUARDIA (implacable in marking), E. VIANA (in races like this his experience counting), M.FANTON (not brilliant, however precious), S. POZZO (the captain with a capital C, who knows how to manage the key moments of the match), M. CALANDRA (part from the outside, continues from tip, ends in defense, comes out exhausted, more than a joker) from 75 'C. MACHIERALDO (is the youngest but looks like a veteran), M. PITZALIS (tactically attentive, precise in the setting of the game) from 85' G. SCHIAVINATO (debut seasonal, broken ice) S. MORELLO (once again relentless under the door) from 85 'G. BOSCARO (a handful of minutes to give strength in the final), MS LEVIS (a second time to frame and two wonderful goals), A. ZANETTA (good performance, is growing rapidly) from 38 'B. ANSELMO (precious and continuous on the left wing). AVAILABLE: M. DI NAPOLI, P. ROMITO. TRAINER: MARKS / VIGLIONE


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