The Serie D Championship begins

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At the start the Serie D Championship, Cossato Calcio among the protagonists

The female team of the association of Cossato was included in group A of the aforementioned Regional Championship. A tournament that will see 21 teams at the start, divided into 2 groups, with 15 company that will compete for the points at stake for the final standings, while the so-called "off-ranking" teams will be 6. Group A will see the starting lineups for Azzurra VCO, Azeglio Ivrea, Borghetto Borbera, Cossato Calcio, Piedmont Sport VC, Sanmartinese NO, Tortona, and the 3 out of the classification Alessandria Primavera, Biellese, Romagnano.

It will certainly be a very challenging Championship and probably also very balanced, with all the teams able to do well and ready to play to try to get the top positions, waiting to know how many "places available" to access the upper category.

After a month of training and friendlies, the Cossano team is ready to kick off, which will try to live this season under the sign of a double password: Fun and Concreteness. The goal will be to continue the experience started positively the past season, focusing more and more on the mix created by the enthusiasm of many "very young" girls well supported by the experience of few "charismatic" players who will be a real example for the companions ... Engage in short, trying to put to good use the work of these two seasons to get the concreteness and awareness that serve to achieve important results!

The manager in charge of the group is Claudio Schiavinato, a true tireless factotum, a precious point of reference for the entire Cossano team. At the technical guide Mister Claudio Viglione and Mister Lorenzo Marchi, creators of the new "female project" born in Cossato last season, now amalgamated and in perfect harmony in guiding the athletes in their path of growth. The staff of Enzo Boscaro and Luca Ventura complete the management staff, along with the companions Cristina Robioglio and Stefano Giordano.

But let's come to the real protagonists, the kickers! 24 are the girls that make up the "pink" that is preparing to start the season. The summer movements have left the group Katty Clement and Virginia Graziola, both released and acceded to the Biella, and Samantha Atzori. The new arrivals of the young Carola Machieraldo coming from CavagliĆ , Alessandra Zanetta and Prisca Romito from Masserano Brusnengo, Benedetta Anselmo on loan from the Biella area, as well as the return of Marianna Guardia at the end of the loan are to be recorded.

And the classic "icing on the cake" has arrived, a real surprise of the last hour, with the signature of Manuela Pitzalis, player who can boast experiences in A2, B and several in C series, in which she has played in the last two vintages with the colors of Valenza, always at the top of the ranking. The many kilometers to go and work commitments have convinced her to get closer to home, and its presence will undoubtedly bring added value to the Cossano staff.

More important than ever, Captain Stefania Pozzo and Deputy Elisabetta Viana, absolute references for the group, assisted by the experience of M. Pitzalis, S. Lorenzon, S. Milazzo, M. Di Napoli and I. Zordan. Then a long list of very young athletes: B. Anselmo, M. Bonifacio, G. Boscaro, L. Brancaglion, M. Calandra, M. Fanton, I. Giordano, M. Guardia, MS Levis, C. Machieraldo, S. Morello , P. Romito, G. Schiavinato, M. Toniolo, M. Veronese, H. Vidale, A. Zanetta. Among these, four under 21, three under 18 and ten under sixteen ...

Sunday 25 September home debut at 15 on the field of Mottalciata vs Tortona ... Good Championship!

Claudio Viglione

Enrico Manassero
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