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Casale - Musiello Saluzzo

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Second day and second victory for Musiello Saluzzo who, after the 7-1 trimmed to the Cavallermaggiore in the debut race, beats the Casale with the same score.

The heavy rains of the night make the pitch heavy, which certainly does not favor the formation of Saluzzo trying to play ball on the ground without long balls.
Pass, however, just 6 'and the Musiello took the lead: corner from the right of Chiara Minetti, trajectory to return on which he pounced Emanuela White who, on the first post, deceive the opponent and bags. Not even the time to cheer and the same White doubles to 15 ° exploiting a bursting descent on the band of Francesca Mellano that serves the n ° 4 saluzzese a ball only to push in the door. Chialvo and companions are undisputed master of the match and close the opponents in his own penalty area without making them think. There would also be a penalty for a foul by the last man on Laura Tortone but the director of races assigns punishment from the limit. The inertia of the match, however, does not change and it is up to Enrica Paoletti to seal the third network using a millimeter filter by Chiara Minetti. Still the n ° 9 Saluzzese scored a few minutes later with a winning tap-in after a solitary action on the left wing of Bianco. You go to rest on the result of 0-4 with a convincing Musiello Saluzzo and a dazed Casale. Returning to the field just pass a few moments and touches Francesca Mellano to sign the fifth network at the end of a devastating action on the right, culminating with a lob on the goalkeeper out. The race is practically closed and the Casale manages to make itself alive from the parts of the Triolo with two long-distance shots. The defensive pack of Saluzzo, in fact, holds up uneasily the comparison with the star-studded black attack which, however, is level. The 0-6 is what happened when captain Alessandra Chialvo is invented assist man and sends on goal Francesca Mellano who, after unbalancing the goalkeeper, puts it again with a lob. There is also glory for the opponents that developments on a corner go into the network with Maiorana, in suspected off side position. The Musiello Saluzzo does not break up and just a few minutes from the 90 ° signs the seventh network again with Enrica Paoletti, able to beat the host defender with a header on assist cut by Alessandra Chialvo. Triple final whistle and the Musiello Saluzzo flies to 6 points in the championship. The formation of Mr. Giuliano Musiello will wait in the next round the Castellamonte of Mr. Enzo Scavone, victorious in the last championship for 2-0 with Real Soccer.

HOUSE: Tacconi, Falato, Costa, Nardiello, Menegazzo (78 ° Hernandez E.), Simeone, Triassi, Capra, Arroyo (68 ° Maiorana), Messina, Oppezzo. Available: Mortarino, Boa, Hernandez A., Marotto. All. Lorenzini

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Bruno Franco, Cursi (67 ° Dutto), Bianco (83 ° Arnaudo), Lovera, Giordano, Tortone (73 ° Red), Mellano (76 ° Melifiori), Paoletti, Chialvo, Minetti (69 ° Pagliano). Available: Laurenti. All: Musiello

MARCATORS: 6 ° White (M), 15 ° White (M), 28 ° Paoletti (M), 39 ° Paoletti (M), 48 ° Mellano (M), 72 ° Mellano (M), 79 ° Maiorana (C) , 88 ° Paoletti (M)

Andrea Rubiolo

in the photograph: Chiara Giordano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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