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Romagnano - Sport Valencia

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Romagnano - Sport Valenza 2-1

A victory against everything and everyone: the female Romagnano completes the company, beats for 2-1 Valenza, thus arriving at the last act of the Piedmont Cup that will be played Thursday 2 June against Givolettese. After the 2-2 of the first leg, it is Medina and Piana to give success to the troop grenade that, at the Sizzano sports field, keeps up with the most experienced opponents, despite the many absences.
The umpteenth demonstration of strength, at the end of a performance not at the usual levels, but that has nevertheless highlighted the spirit and the determination of the group. All this against a team built to win like the Valenza, against the defections of experienced players like Marabelli, Zaretti and Giannetti and against a direction of competition in general not negative, but sometimes disconcerting.
Flying over two non-existent offside (one on each side) and on the admonition in Medina (coincidentally the only one suspected in the Sesian house), Mr. Garofalo di Vercelli showed up at Sizzano 25 minutes before the start of the match, without heating and succeeding in the task of expelling not one, but three components of the local bench at the same time, something never seen before and inexplicable.
Returning to the race itself, for Morganti another satisfaction: without the aforementioned unavailable, the grenade coach has lined up the best youth, with a starting lineup with front-wheel drive, but it did run a few dangers to the young Martina Notaristefano. Read the statement and you are asked if you are playing a first team or a spring: apart from the stainless defensive couple Lomazzi-Zaquini, in the field there is an entire under 22, with Notaristefano in the door, Buccella and De Nicolò terzini , Zignone and Bevilacqua to make firewood in the middle of the field, Tuberga, Piana and Graziotto behind Medina.
Race, as we have already said, not beautiful, it must be admitted, with an unusually confusing Romagnano in the setting phase, despite a field suitable for their game; the two penalties of Valenza weigh in the heads of the girls, sometimes blocked. But the first half sees Notaristefano playing the role of non-paying spectator, while on the other side Ponticelli is forced to a couple of exits outside his own area and a spectacular intervention on the Zignone blow, at the end of a valuable action. When it seems that the interval can accommodate a peer to glasses, the insight of the inseparable duo Tuberga-Piana puts in conditions the "sorceress" of Mergozzo to serve a ball in a small area that Medina has to support only a few laps of hands from the break.
In the second half Valenza puts his head out of the shell as in the first leg and the fruits are immediately visible: at the 7 'Gabba, left alone on the left, does not fail in front of Notaristefano, reopening the match and qualification. However, after only six minutes, the Romagnano returns to the advantage: Piana starts a delightful conclusion that easily knocks Ponticelli. From that moment on, Valenza inevitably slams against the wall erected by the grenade: Buccella focuses on and moves on to the 5 defense; apart from some melee, the landlords are no longer in danger and for Lomazzi and his companions it is final again.
These are the words at the end of the race of Mr. Morganti: "Today the Romagnano took to the field with a very young team, from the average age of 20 years and this would suffice to explain the importance of our result: we have defeated a very strong team and we have made by studying every single situation in the week.I think that today to eliminate us, Valenza would have to overcome herself.I close apologizing for the expulsion of mine and my collaborators, the accumulated tension can sometimes play bad jokes, but I'm not looking for excuses. arbitrage in general has been good Congratulations to all, even to our opponents, but especially to this group, because there are THINGS THAT ARE NOT TO BE TALKED, THERE ARE THINGS THAT COME VISSUTE ".

Romagnano: Notaristefano, Lomazzi, De Nicolò (48 'Soncin), Buccella, Zaquini, Piana, Tuberga (56' German), Zignone (66 'Cesali), Medina (62' Pella), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. All .: Morganti.

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Enrico Manassero
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