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Sport Valencia - Romagnano

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It should have been the right final, but a combination at least bizarre has forced Valenza and Romagnano to clash in the previous round, that is in the semi-finals. The first act ended on the result of 2-2, a score that leaves the games open, although the Romagnano scored two goals away from home. This is because the experience and the value of players such as Alexandrian can not even remotely discuss, but given the strength and the objective superiority shown by the two teams in the league, it would have made more sense to avoid considering the logistics factor of the distance mileage in the semi-finals: all this after the sacrifices already made during the Piedmont Cup, as in the case of the grenade, forced to emigrate to Aosta in the second round.
So much so, we can not oppose the regulation, but only make an objective observation. Just as you can not pass on an arbitrage like that of Mr. Merlin: beyond the fact that for such delicate races we would need an expert referee (given the shortage of important meetings), but choose a race director of Asti, even 50 km from Valenza against the 150 from Romagnano must make us reflect. Also in this case ours are only observations, however that the young Mr. Merlin has given a hand to Valenza is out of the question, accomplices the two penalty kicks that have totally changed the inertia of a match that the grenades were leading to 2- 0. Nothing should be taken away from the qualities of Valenza, training objectively from a higher category that wants at all costs to redeem the loss of the championship.
On the race itself, Mr. Morganti, forced to do without Zaretti and Tedesco, returns to the old, thanks to the return of Medina in attack: the 4-2-3-1 is unassailable and presents the Buccella quartet in front of Marabelli- Lomazzi-Zaquini-Giannetti. You could more rightly speak of 4-2-fantasy, because in front of the defense they play Bevilacqua and Zignone, with Piana, Tuberga and Graziotto behind Medina.
On a field small and more suited to the game of landlords, the Romagnano has not pulled back, prevailing from the territorial point of view in the first half hour, so as to seize the deserved advantage to 27 'with the "sorceress" Antea Piana, brava to make the attempt to save Christmas vain. Having found the advantage, the Romagnano, although without creating the conditions for the doubling, no longer gave up to the interval the impression of suffering goldsmiths. In the second half Valenza, however, showed all his character, trying to counteract blow to stroke until 2-0 Graziotto that with a perfect free-kick from a secluded position found the hole for doubling. Instead of collapsing, the locals reacted by a great team, but to help them in an incomprehensible manner was Mr. Merlin with two magate worthy of the cartoon: first a handball by Buccella with his arm attached to the body at 65 ', then a Giannetti's intervention was considered a failure at 85 'despite the adversary's Cagnotto dive. Gabba twice proved to be cold, drawing the contest and postponing the verdict to Sunday 15 in Romagnano.
Commenting by mister Fabio Morganti is unquestionable: "Today Valenza has proven to be a strong formation, but he does not need any help of this kind." I am outraged because in many years of football such a thing I never view, both in terms of the distribution of the cards, and the episodes that have changed the result, it was just that Pippo and Pluto came in with the sign "You're joking aside." Putting on laughter, I hope that next week in Romagnano can pass Robin We have done our duty in the championship without biasing us, without winning any help ".

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, Buccella, Zaquini, Piana (86 'Soncin), Tuberga (62' De Nicolò), Zignone, Medina (70 'Pella), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. All .: Morganti.

Referee: Merlino di Asti.

Networks: 27 'Piana, 57' Graziotto, 65 'Gabba (rig.), 85' Gabba (rig.).

Marco Curti

In the picture, Mr. Fabio Morganti

Enrico Manassero
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