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Finale Piedmont - Lazio

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"Siam champions of Italy!" this is the cry of the 20 girls of the Piedmont Valle d'Aosta representative who, on the magnificent lawn of the "Matusa" of Frosinone, have confirmed themselves on the throne of Italy.

Confirmed, therefore, the victory of last season in Perugia where the girls of Mr. Decaroli defeated the selection for 2 1 Venetia at the end of a heart-stopping match solved, only in the final, by a feat of Emanuela Bianco.

Also on this occasion it was the young Saluzzese who closed the hostilities by signing, just at the end of the final 4-2.

And to think that in the first minutes of the game the situation was not very well suited for the Piedmontese who had been surprised by the vivacity and aggressiveness of Lazio.

A forcing from the first minutes that imposed by the girls of Macidonius, so that they force the Piedmontese on the defensive and do not give him an inch to reason.

The Lazio network is in the air and arrives a few minutes later by Martinovic who, after an oversight of the Piedmont rearguard, bag behind the impolite Malosti.

Zabellan and his companions struggle to tackle dangerous games and the only opportunities are the result of personal initiatives with a negative result.

A frenzied pace, like the one impressed by Lazio in the first minutes, you pay dearly and is very good Alessandra Chialvo to take advantage of Lazio's first defensive blunder by signing a network from the film library from the edge of the penalty area.

The draw cuts the legs of the boys Macidonio (bitterly criticized in the stands) that begin to suffer the descent of the generous Daniela Graziotto on the right.

The first half ends, however, on the result of 1-1, which is basically the partial right for what has been seen.

In the second fraction of the game not even the time to sit in the stands and already you have to get up and applaud Elisa Zabellan (arrived 10 centers in the event) that from long distance pierces the Melis with a monstrous conclusion for power and precision.

Once ahead the fears of the Piedmontese selection vanish into nothingness and the offensive impulse becomes deadly: every long ball is prey of the Savoy sprinters that create considerable problems for the Lazio rearguard.

Pacifiers and companions try to set up a reaction, but the energies are what they are and, despite their efforts, they never manage to reach Malosti.

The Piedmontese exploit, especially, the side lanes and right from the right wing comes the 3-1 designer Daniela Graziotto who, thanks a resounding error of Melis, bags for the joy of their supporters.

Despite the double disadvantage, the incitement for the formation of Lazio is not lacking and with great pride are poured into the half-court Savoy trying in every way to reopen the games but Leto and Toscano away without too much trouble every assault.

We get to the recovery when everything happens: at 84 ° the formation of Lazio finds the 3-2 at the end of a furious melee in the center area still with Martinovic, but just 60 '' thinks Emanuela White to close the hostilities with a tap in winning by short distance.

Concurrent with the network comes the triple whistle of the race director ... For the Savoy can start the party, singing and dancing in the midfield and the captain Alessandra Chialvo can raise the cup to the sky.

"Winning this competition twice in a row is the best - explains the coach Antonio Decaroli - These girls are fantastic, the merit is theirs".


PIEDMONT VALLE D'AOSTA: Malosti, Buccella, Leto, Toscano, De Nicolò, Chialvo (65 ° Di Maria), Bevilacqua, Zignone (41 ° Piana), Zabellan (80 ° White), Graziotto, Medina (58 ° Antonietti). All: Decaroli

LAZIO: Melis, Ferroni, Boccia, Acoroni, Presutto, Ciucci, Monaco (55 ° Boldrini), Jetto, Ciccotti (63 ° Di Paola), Martinovic, Angelelli (58 ° Maggi). All: Macidonio

MARCATORS: 6 ° Martinovic (L), 25 ° Chialvo (PVD), 42 ° Zabellan (PVD), 59 ° Graziotto (PVD), 84 ° Martinovic (L), 85 ° White (PDV)

Malosti: a security between the poles, we are sure that for her the future is more than rosy 6.5

BUCCELLA: that duel with Jetto, speed and experience allow it to have the best and dominate the right wing 6.5

SUMMER: but what a show ... it's hard to play when you play online, but as soon as it comes off it becomes an octopus covering the whole 7.5 field

TUSCAN: grit out of the ordinary, fight on every ball. With the good or bad, it blocks any initiative by Lazio 6.5

DE NICOLO ': the criticism of his match in the semifinals? She laughs, goes straight on her way and disputes a crazy ending for intensity and timing. In the face of the 7 owls

Chialvo: the captain is the captain. Is there a moment of difficulty? She thinks to revive the fortunes of the team with bolide nell'angolino that gives away the goaleada 7.5

DRINK WATER: he understands he is not 100% and confines himself to the simple things that he does, however, very well 6.5

Graziotto: on the fascia it is, as always, impregnable. It covers, pushes, defends, attacks. On the right with Buccella he forms a crazy couple 7

ZABELLAN: out of the game until the 42 ° when he finds a goal from the film library for over 30 meters. After he wakes up and sort balloons left and right. 7

ZIGNONE: she is not well and she notices even if they are not looking for her. Just a time for her but does not skimp on 6.5 energies

MEDINA: without his network with Lombardy there would not have been the semifinal. It goes in pressing on all the ball carriers. A very fast 7 "mushroom"

OF MARIA: puts wood in midfield, with her the maneuver of Lazio becomes less fluid and more confusing 6.5

FLAT: but how fast is the "Nana"? When you throw the ball forward becomes impregnable, we will definitely hear of her talk about 6.5

ANTONIETTI: despite the various physical problems throws the heart over the obstacle. When called in question, 6.5 always responds

WHITE: like last year he ended the games with a goal of opportunism. If every time he gets distracted he makes a goal ........ 7

Andrea Rubiolo

Enrico Manassero
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