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Piedmont - Lombardy

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The Piedmont Valle D'Aosta wins over Lombardy after a tiratissima contest: the girls of Decaroli thus arrive in the final of the "Matusa" in Frosinone where they will face Lazio. The first thrill of the race comes to the 9 'when a shot of the Fodri (today particularly tired), ends far from the door defended by Malosti. Responds Piedmont and it hurts. All'11 ', launch from the back for Graziotto who enters the area but is anticipated regularly by a Lacchini slip intervention: yellow for the latter and penalty kick decreed instead by Mr. Lent of Ciampino (today insufficient). On the disk is the Zabellan that does not miss the 1-0. The disadvantage hits the girls of the pair Cristii - Meroni that after a minute could be doubled: the Graziotto escapes always on the right, comes face to face against the Barbariga but is the extreme defender of Lombardy to exalt himself rejecting the conclusion with a grip plastic. At 19 'Piedmont becomes dangerous with Buccella: shot from distance saved by Barbariga. In these minutes, however, Lombardy grows, which at 33 'reaches the same level. Elisa Go snaps towards the opponent's door, Leto and Malosti hinder each other and spread the go thrown into the area: the referee Lent then, perhaps to compensate for the initial decision, decrees the penalty for the Lombards for a foul that took place clearly outside area. From the eleven meters goes the Battini, which makes the 1-1. In the second half the game changes again: as happened only a few days ago in Colonna, the Lombards grow exponentially forcing the Piedmont to close. At the 6 'after a beautiful action of the Go on the left, it is Maya Amorim to get first on the cross to return by beating Malosti for the momentary 2-1. It is perhaps here that Lombardy loses the match because, despite having overturned the result, fails to close a few clamorous goal balls packaged by Fodri, Lai and Amorim. Piedmont sornione waits in its own half of the field. At 22 'after a conclusion by Capelloni, finished very high, Piedmont equalized. It is the 25 'on our chronometer when Medina realizes the 2-2, exploiting the only defensive fault of Lombardy. With time expired in Piedmont is not validated a goal in the stands seemed regular: decide the assistant Pichi of Ciampino who sees an offside non-existent. After the final whistle the penalties arrive: the mistake of the Riva from the 11 meters will be decisive.

PIEDMONT VALLE D'AOSTA: Malosti 7, Antonietti 6 (from 1'st Zignone 7), Leto 6.5, Toscano 6, De Nicolò 6; Buccella 6, Bevilacqua 6.5, Chialvo 6; Zabellan 6.5, Medina 7, Graziotto 6 (from 24'st Piana 6). Available: Ponticelli, De Masi, Leone, Conterosito, Marino, Bianco, Di Maria. All. De Caroli

LOMBARDY: Barbariga 6, 6 Wand, 6.5 Lacchini, 6 Pellegrini; Amorim 6.5, Czeczka 6 (from 1'st Noble 5.5), Ferrario 5.5 (from 1'st Capellone 6), Fodri 5.5, Valente 7, Battini 6; Go 6.5 (from 32'st Riva 5.5). Available: Biffi, Marinoni, Ambrosoni, Marsili, Sales, Peripolli. All. Cristei - Meroni

REFEREE: Lent of Ciampino
ASS. REFEREE: Castaldo di Roma 2 and Pichi di Ciampino

MARKERS: 11'pt Zabellan (PVA) (rig), 33'pt Battini (L) (rig), 6'st Amorim (L), 25'st Medina (PVA)

NOTES: ammonite Bevilacqua, Nobile and Capelloni. 10-6 corners. 100 viewers around.

Penalties: Barbariga (L) goals, Zabellan (PVA) goals, Lacchini (L) goals, Leto (PVA) goals, Amorim (L) goals, Bevilacqua (PVA) goals, Battini (L) goals, Chialvo (PVA) goals , Capelloni (L) goals, Medina (PVA) goals, Fodri (L) goals, Buccella (PVA) goals, Riva (L) saved, Zignone (PVA) goals.

Enrico Manassero
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