Monday, 17th October 2016
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Piedmont - Friuli

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The march of the regional women's soccer team continues to 11 at the Tournament of the Regions.

The selection of coach Decaroli, already qualified in the semi-finals, beats Friuli Venezia Giulia in the last round, thus completing the en plein in the group with four wins over four games.

Many girls left to rest by the coach who presents a 4-2-3-1 with White-Conterosito-Zignone behind the only Medina tip.

There is a need for a break-in for an unprecedented training, so in the first minutes Friuli is playing the game, risking to take the lead with a shot by Martina that ends just wide.

The Piedmontese are shaking and at the 15 ° Medina is to warm up the gloves of the extreme defender host who, however, is opposed well.

Ghiotta, however, the opportunity that comes to the 21 °: Zignone intercepts a postponement of the Cabas and concludes to the network, the Friulian goalkeeper is opposed both on the shot of the young Piedmontese on the close conclusion of Serena Medina.

The Gialloblù push becomes insistent and the net of the advantage arrives punctually to the 25 ° thanks to Medina that sees Cabas out of the posts and pierces it, from outside the area, with a delicious shot to the left.

The Friulians accuse the blow and wrong even the most simple steps leaving chasms in their rear.

Still the Piedmontese try to close the contest, but the shot from the distance of Di Maria only splits the crossbar. It then touches the White, author of a nice descent on the wing, cross the center for Medina that hits heel, unfortunately for her the ball is intercepted on the line by Mitidieri.

In the second part of the game there is only the Piedmont team in the field. The Friulians have disappeared from the dispute and look at the simplicity with which they play the champions of Italy in office, being able to only bow.

At the 64 ° the Savoy supremacy is repaid and it is the very young Antea Piana to sign the doubling exploiting a filtering passage of Medina after an amazing veil by Elisa Zabellan.

Serena Medina tries to find the personal shotgun, but luck is not on her side when one of her ends rolls across the mirror of the door, finishing just wide.

At this point what is missing? Obviously the network of Elisa Zabellan (the eighth in four games) that arrives, timely as a clock, at the 71 ° when the Alban bomber exploits a perfect assist of Piana and, after a veronica, pierces for the umpteenth time the poor Cabas .

End 3-0 for the Piedmontese who will find, in the semi-final on Saturday, Lombardy.

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA (4-4-2): Cabass; Dragan (21 'st Faggiani), Mitidieri (1' st Di Qual), Chiarvesio, Panizzo; Vazzoler (1 'st Codotto), Piccolo (26' st Cucchiaro), Romanelli, Volpetti (2 'st Sogaro); Martina, Pizzo. All. Marano.

PIEDMONT VDA (4-2-3-1): Malosti; Demasi, Leone, Toscano, De Nicolò; Di Maria, Morino, Zignone (21 'st Graziotto), Conterosito (1' st Zabellan), Bianco (1 'st Piana); Medina (35 'st Antonietti). All. Decaroli.

REFEREE: Albano Laziale Carbotti.

MARKERS: pt 26 'Medina; st 24 'Piana, 31' Zabellan.

Malosti: safe as always between the posts. Exit without fear even on the feet of opponents 6.5

DE NICOLO ': great match for the Romagnano full-back. Grit and quantity to the face of the 7 allergy

TUSCAN: it is only necessary to keep the situation under control in the rare Friulian offensive excursions. 6.5 does it very well

LION: two-three beautiful advances, really does 6.5 really good things

DE MASI: he finds an excellent sprinter on his way, puts it in front of his body and limits 6.5 very well

OF MARIA: he shaves the crossbar after a conclusion from the distance. 6.5 substance and quality

MORINO: a lot of effort in the first half, in the second he manages the 6 ball better

WHITE: it's not his day, he runs a lot but empty. There will be better moments, shivers can wait for 6

CONTEROSITO: does not seem in the best condition, has the extenuating of playing out 6 position

MEDINA: "Medina only bomber" said of the sages. Mistakes things simple and makes extraordinary goals, opens the dances and confirms, however, decisive 7.5

ZIGNONE: "Zigno" ops pardon Elena struggled in the first half as the whole offensive department, however, remains dangerous in the offensive phase 6.5

FLAT: like King Midas, every ball that touches it turns into the net. The "Nana" is there! 7

ZABELLAN: left to rest in the first half comes in the second half and still puts the hand in two 7 networks

ANTONIETTI: enters the end of contention, has physical problems and you see 6

Graziotto: he runs as always and is a thorn on the side of every opponent. A little 'rest did not do it for sure 6.5

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Serena Medina and Elena Zignone

Enrico Manassero
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