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Piedmont - Basilicata

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But what a show this Female Representative! In fact, in the best way, the adventure of the girls of Mr. De Caroli continues in the Tournament of the Regions.

After the 3-0 all'Ubia and the 5-1 the Marche has arrived a double "manita" against the Basilicata. In fact, 10-0 ended the match against Lucan, never entered the game.

Mister De Caroli changes form and starts with an offensive 4-3-3, made to break the opposing defense and increase the goal difference, very important for the classification.

Not even the time to sit in the stands and the Piedmont is already in the lead: Elisa Zabellan, in fact, silura on a free kick from the 30 meters, the extreme defender Luciano Menucci. The Piedmontese, despite the network, struggled in the first minutes to baste the game and exploit especially the speed of Daniela Graziotto on the wing.

Indeed, the Romagnano driver, in fact, hits the post at the 14 ° after a disruptive descent on the right wing.

The Piedmont fails to close the match and is likely to suffer a draw network due to a misunderstanding of the rearguard that puts Gerardi in a condition to conclude the network, a great intervention by Barbara Toscano saves the result.

From the fear of a draw to the doubling net: wrong goal by goalkeeper Luciano Menucci, Illary Conterosito takes advantage of it, good not to get caught up in frenzy and bag.

From here on, the Piedmontese fly on the wings of enthusiasm and find, immediately, the third goal with Graziotto, able to skip the defense and deposit on the net.

In the second part of the game is a red-white monologue and at the 50 ° touches the young Antea Piana (1995 class) to put the Menucci on the delightful invitation of Alessandra Chialvo.

Two minutes later the Zabellan-show begins, which first takes advantage of Antea's assist and then invents a cinematic network at the end of a personal action.

The Basilicata is completely in the doll and the Piedmontese continue the forcing leading to the 7-0 still signed Graziotto that ends from the edge of the area at the end of a melee.

Between the 74 ° and the 75 ° Graziotto and Zabellan still go on the net, signing the third and fourth goals of the day respectively.

It is then up to Emanuela Bianco, right at the last minute, to bring the result on the 10-0 after discarding poor Menucci.

PIEDMONT VALLE D'AOSTA: Ponticelli, Leto (64 ° De Masi), Leo, Toscano, De Nicolò, Bevilacqua (59 ° White), Chialvo (75 ° Morino), Antonietti, Zabellan, Graziotto, Conterosito (41 ° Piana (56 ° Di Maria). : Decaroli

Basilicata: Melucci (19 'st Matone); Selvaggi, Guarino, V. Zaccagnino, Zizzamia (1 'st Pacilio), Cell (27' pt Carlucci), Storino (13 'st Gianfranceschi); Cerone; S.Zaccagnino, Libutti (16 'st Olita); Gerardi. All Mazzoni.

REFEREE: Mariani di Tivoli.

MARKERS: pt 4 'Zabellan, 23' Conterosito, 27 'Graziotto; st 10 'Piana, 11' and 13 'Zabellan, 19' and 32 'Graziotto, 34' Zabellan, 39 'White.

BRIDGES: non-paying spectator, on the other hand takes the sun. 6

SUMMER: great security even in the role of the full-back. It is superimposed on the Graziotto creating numerical superiority 6.5

LION: he plays a game of substance, all of his head. 6.5

TUSCAN: another perfect match, save the shack on the 1-0 with a miraculous closure. 6.5

DE NICOLO ': raid (not sarabande) on the band, its contribution to the offensive phase is noteworthy. 6.5

Chialvo: the captain lights up the Piedmontese midfield and tries to witness everything. 7.5

DRINK WATER: do not miss anything and fight on all the balls. The coach saves her half the second half. 6.5

ANTONIETTI: with its long levers it seems it can never lose the sphere, it hooks anything, excellent proof. 7

ZABELLAN: I will have to invent a new vocabulary to describe it because I can not find any more adjectives. 8.5 Supergalactic

Graziotto: gallops on the wing and puts in crisis the defense of Basilicata. Score a spectacular hat-trick. 7.5

DE MASI: play well and continue the work of Leto. 6.5

FLAT: enter, mark and exit. She does everything, young promise. 7

OF MARIA: runs throughout the field in pressing, the breath is not lacking. 6.5

WHITE: participates in the goleada by seating the goalkeeper and bagging. The chills continue. 7

CONTEROSITO: takes advantage of a goalkeeper error to seal his first goal in the event. 7

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Elisa Zabellan

Enrico Manassero
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