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Piedmont - Umbria

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Begins in the best way the adventure of the Valle d'Aosta Piedmont Representative in the Tournament of the 2011 Regions taking place in Fiuggi.
The Piedmontese team, Italian champion in charge, has overwhelmed the field of Alatri Umbria with the net result of 3-0.
A success that all in all could be even wider: the girls of Mr. Antonio Decaroli were, in fact, conditioned by the strong wind that hit the area.

Immediately strong Chialvo and companions immediately force the Umbrians on the defensive by exploiting the speed of Serena Medina and the tactical intelligence of Elisa Zabellan, the undisputed lighthouse of this formation.

At the 15 ° the Piedmontese, held in Gialloblu, get the first clear opportunity of the match: overwhelming action on the left of Zignone bowl in the center where the Chialvo is anticipated by a breath. The Savoy formation understands that it can sink and, after a splendid conclusion by Zabellan that forces Bifarini to a great intervention, the net of the deserved advantage arrives: Medina, taken on the offside line, seats the extreme Umbrian defender and deposits on the net . The superiority of the champion formation of Italy is clear and absolute, in fact Umbria can not set up a game plot worthy of note and relies exclusively on long balls easy prey of the rearguard.
At the 41 ° new big opportunity for Zignone who, well prompted by Graziotto, is freed in a handkerchief and unloaded towards the door defended by Bifarini: only the pole denies her the joy of the goal.
You have to close the game to avoid unpleasant surprises and think the inspired Elisa Zabellan with a punishment masterpiece by 30 meters that slips under the crossbar.
The Umbrian formation accuses the blow and breaks up leaving ample space in which the girls of Decaroli "wallow" in wonder. The 3-0 of tranquility reaches the 56 ° again with the Albaban Zabellan collecting a cross coming from the right of Buccella and anticipates all depositing on the net.
Piedmont Valle d'Aosta that could spread when Erica Antonietti, just entered, you drink in one sip the opposing defense and serves a delicious filter to Medina, whose conclusion is diverted in the corner by a miraculous intervention of Bifarini.
We are at the 78 ° and we record the first offensive sortie of the Umbrian formation with Testaguzza that comes face to face with Ponticelli who does not let himself be enchanted and fists.
The final whistle comes after 1 'recovery, good debut for the Piedmontese who respect the prediction.

PIEDMONT VDA (4-2-3-1): Jumpers; Buccella, Leone, Toscano, Leto; Chialvo (10 'st Antonietti), Bevilacqua, Zignone (15' st Bianco), Zabellan (36 'st Piana), Graziotto; Medina (25 'st Conterosito). All. Decaroli.

UMBRIA (4-4-2): Bifarini; Natalini, Proietti, Rossi, I. Gubbiotti (39 'st Baiocco); Angels, Crispoltoni, Cucci (8 'st Cucchiarini), Mannucci; Fortunati (25 'st E. Gubbiotti), Ferroni (16'st Testaguzzi). All. Giogli.

REFEREE: Calandra of Rome.

MARCATORS: pt 23 'Medina; st 4 'and 16' Zabellan.

BRIDGES: It is ready when it is called into question, the goalkeeper of a great team is asked for this. 6,5

LETO: moved to the role of left-back without major worries the work of coverage behind the unleashed Zignone. 6.5

LEONE: good test for the player from Saluzzo, who does not miss anything. 6.

TUSCAN: what a defender! Takes advantage of the body with great skill, comes out of the ball with great confidence. 7

BUCCELLA: thorn in the left side of Umbria, pushes with great constancy propitiating the 2-0. 6.5

Chialvo: captain all heart, where the legs do not arrive you throw the "corazon", his presence is felt. 6.5

Bevilacqua: runs and press across the board, when he has the ball between his feet raises his head and builds. 6.5

Graziotto: but how many lungs do you have? Inexhaustible scooter, runs to the last giving a lot of quantity and quality. 7

ZIGNONE: Natalini has seen it exclusively at the entrance to the field. Command with authority the band and creates different occasions. 7

ZABELLAN: what a show to watch her play! It makes the difference with its crystalline class: chapeaux. 8

MEDINA: they cancel a goal and she, who is a real bomber, does another, just to not lose the habit. 7

ANTONIETTI: enter the game in progress and put wood in the farm, his class will be useful in the coming days. 6.5

FLAT: the youngest of the team, a few minutes played, but we can see great potential 6

WHITE: some noteworthy ideas on the left instead of the Zignone, can, however, do more. 6

CONTEROSITO: enters the place of Medina and puts grit and physical in the advanced department. 6

Andrea Rubiolo

Enrico Manassero
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