Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Romagnano - Rivese

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As always happened this season, the Romagnano has been able to react to a less brilliant and lucky race than usual. And since the goal is near, it is impossible to think that the team did not rely on its strength; soon it was necessary to realize the Rivese, arrived on the Sesia with bellicose purposes, but that soon had to give up.
The final 7-0 is the result of a goleada that has become bombastic in the last minutes, after a race, however, always conducted with shrewdness by the grenade, in which also stands the first seasonal achievement of Federica Soncin, to seal a positive test. So that the only one who has not yet scored well since the start of the season is captain Valentina Lomazzi, demonstrating the strength and quality of a group capable of sending an ever-changing performer.

A fundamental victory because it leaves unchanged the gap from Valencia when only 180 'are missing; now more than ever the Sesians are master of their destiny, as it takes only one victory to crown the dream, although the opponents are called Asti and Biellese, certainly not the last ones.

For the race against the Rivese mister Morganti, after an intense training on Friday, changes training, giving the keys to the midfield in Pella, assisted by Giannetti, while Bevilacqua, German, Zignone, Zaretti and Buccella start from the bench. You see Soncin on the wing, starring with De Nicolò of a careful race, Lomazzi and Zaquini in front of Marabelli, Medina offensive reference with Piana, Tuberga and Graziotto behind him.

The race itself has little to describe: the Rivese part fired, but conceded a goal at the first thrust and punctually collapses in the first half. The advantage to 9 ': the invitation to the wedding of Tuberga is exploited by Piana on the edge of the offside also discards the goalkeeper and bags at the empty door. The race closes just before the interval with the one-two of Soncin and Piana: at 38 'the full-back exchanges with Tuberga and after winning a pair of rebounds is the seven with a precise left; at 41 'the personal encore of Piana, served by Graziotto and good to put the 3-0 from the edge of the area.

The recovery sees the swirl of changes on the local front, with Morganti testing a midfield all quality and imagination composed by Bevilacqua and Zignone, plus Piana in front of them and with the return to the field with the shirt of the first team of Daiana Zampieron; and with the passing of the minutes the shell is spreading: Graziotto signs a hat-trick in the space of a quarter of an hour, with the Speedy Tuberga seal in the middle, once again ready to respond on the pitch to the non-call in representative; Graziotto scores two goals on perfect insertions in depth, then Tuberga exploits the remote controlled launch of Zignone to beat the goalkeeper out, and finally the same Tuberga packs the second assist of the day for the sub-touch of Graziotto.

It remains to report the important presence in the stands of a large public to cheer this team that every day that passes the attention of more and more people; but much remains to be done, to raise awareness of sponsors and mass media, certainly the entry of the young chicks 2002 before the race at the hands of girls is already an example to follow.

As usual, we close with the statements of Mr. Morganti: "I am proud to be the coach of this team, personally I'm just a small piece of a puzzle that is wonderfully setting up day after day, puzzle representing our flag with all the names of those who fight every day for this cause.This team works with the voice of the verb "to give", at every workout, every game, every contrast, every thrust, every shot, every single and choral movement, always giving the maximum and with all my heart, sooner or later something will come back, we will continue without looking back at the last minute of this championship, without ever giving up ".

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti (50 'Zignone), De Nicolò (71' German), Zaquini, Soncin (71 'Buccella), Tuberga, Piana, Medina (50' Zampieron), Pella (50 'Bevilacqua), Graziotto. All .: Morganti.

Networks: 9 'and 41' Piana, 38 'Soncin, 72', 76 'and 87' Graziotto, 80 'Tuberga.

Marco Curti

Enrico Manassero
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