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Result of great prestige for Musiello Saluzzo who, after the bad defeat remedied last week in Valencia, rises again in the toughest match against the Romagnano leaders.

Against Sesiane there is not a win but a draw that smells business since, with this 1-1, the Musiello is the only company in Cuneo to have collected points against the listed Romagnano.

Mister Musiello finds very important pieces such as Elisa Gardini, Elena Dutto and Barbero Martina; Emanuela Bianco and Marina Melifiori are still absent.

The match, right from the start, is very balanced and played especially in midfield. The Musiello tries to hit with shots from outside by Chialvo and Minetti, while the Sesians take advantage of the speed of Medina and Graziotto to go to the shooting. After a nice parade of Marabelli on Chialvo comes the lead guest with Graziotto that fits beautifully on a cross Zignone and beats the Triolo. The Musiello slightly accuses the blow and is likely to capitulate a few minutes later, but the close-up shot, and a sure blow, of Medina is miraculously intercepted by Gabriella Triolo.

You go to rest on the score of 0-1, but the Saluzzesi give the impression of being able to accomplish the task.

In the second part of the game the theme of the game does not change, but the Musiello is always seen more insistently by the parties of Marabelli. In front, without Melifiori, the Musiello stings little and Leone does what he can against the strong central guests Lomazzi and Giannetti. So we think, captain Alessandra Chialvo to revive the fate of the Saluzzo with a dart from the edge of the area on which nothing can Marabelli: ball at the bottom of the bag and result again in a tie.

This time it is the Romagnano to slightly accuse the return of the Saluzzesi who continue to push with Minetti and Rosso, authors of a superb offensive test while every guest attempt to get closer to Triolo was neutralized by Giulia Bruno Franco (how come nothing representative for her?) .

For the Musiello the 1-1 is a great result and also the Romagnano sniffs the chance to lose against the Saluzzo, the rest of the match, therefore, is played on the "who goes" and arrives the 90 ° without further jitters.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Barbero M., Dutto, Gardini, Bruno Franco, Giordanino, Rosso, Franchino, Leone, Chialvo, Minetti. Available: Laurenti, Benso, Arnaudo, Brunetti, Armando. Musiello trainer

ROMAGNANO: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, German, Zaquini, Buccella, Zignone, Zaretti, Medina, Bevilacqua, Graziotto. Available: De Nicolò, Pella, Soncin. Morganti Coach

MARKERS: 22 ° Graziotto (R), 57 ° Chialvo (M)

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph Gabriella Triolo

Enrico Manassero
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