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Musiello Saluzzo - Romagnano

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Musiello Saluzzo - Romagnano 1-1

Being first in the rankings sometimes also leads to disadvantages: every team you meet wants to make the shot of the day and a whole season. So it happens that every team faced in the 2011 has had to bow to the Sesian formation, but after giving the maximum. Musiello Saluzzo, the third company to stop the Romagnano after Aosta and Valenza, must have thought of it.

So the long streak of eight consecutive victories is interrupted, which allows Valenza to return to -4 from the girls coached by Fabio Morganti when only 270 'are missing at the end of the tournament. The final 1-1 is the result of a good race overall of the Romagnano, but where compared to the usual lack of malice needed to get out with the full mail from such insidious playgrounds.

Saluzzo has presented to complete and with all the will to redeem the knockout, succeeding thanks to a shrewd tactics and a determination of iron, enough components to leave the Sesians with a bitter taste (unjustified, however) at the end game.
On a field small and not suitable for playing ground ball guests, Morganti has relied on the formation of battle that gave so much satisfaction in decisive moments, with the only novelty of Buccella in place of Soncin on the right wing, German from Opposite, Zaquini and Lomazzi in front of Marabelli, Giannetti and Zaretti corazzieri in the middle of the field, and the trio Graziotto-Bevilacqua-Zignone behind Medina.
The first time is a clear garnet, because Morganti asks her girls to keep up the pace right away: at 25 'pressure finds its fruits with a deadly cut of Graziotto at the invitation of Zaretti, with the "cold decathlete" at the right point to beat Triolo out. Triolo then decisive on a conclusion by Bevilacqua, while Medina in poor coordination touches the melee.

In the interval Medina is forced out due to injury (detected by Piana) and the thought immediately goes to the race disputed by the Representative in Turin: it is not the first time that the team accuses a decline (and physical problems at the summoned) after the races Wednesday of the selection of category, coincidentally always arranged on the eve of fundamental and difficult clashes as those with Alba, Borghetto Borbera, Saluzzo and, soon, Asti.

So it happens that Zignone, Bevilacqua and Graziotto are inevitably tarnished, like Piana, whose entry does not bring the desired turn. Saluzzo equalized almost immediately with a fine shot from outside the area of ​​Chialvo, then the Romagnano touches the goal several times in melee, but with the clarity that is lost with the passing of minutes; also a Marabelli parade on Chialvo's shot and insufficient refereeing on both sides.

What is not explained are the faces frowning at the end of the Sesian girls' match: it is impossible to win always and then a draw is so good on such a difficult field; Saluzzo proved to be at the height of the results at the beginning of the season, when it was sailing high up in the rankings, now it is a question of maintaining calm and concentration.

These are the words at the end of the race of Mr. Morganti: "I am reminded of a sentence by a great American mental coach, Jim Rohn: there are two things that never come back: an arrow shot and a missed opportunity. a well-squared and very closed team that showed up in full, on a small field with a penalizing fund for those used to playing ball on the ground.The opponents gave the 100% defending themselves with the claws, but we only missed the goals, because the numbers speak for themselves: goal chances, parades, shots, corners, domination of the ball in favor of Romagnano.We keep a + 4 on Valenza, if we are team from Serie B we will not miss the next matches, I'm confident and the team will prove it ".

Musiello Saluzzo: Triolo, Barbero, Dutto, Gardini, Bruno Franco, Giordanino, Rosso, Franchino, Leone, Chialvo, Minetti.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, German, Zaquini, Buccella, Zignone, Zaretti, Medina (46 'Piana), Bevilacqua (77' Tuberga), Graziotto.
Networks: 25 'Graziotto, 50' Chialvo.

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Enrico Manassero
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