Biellese - Sanmartinese

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After a bad test in the recovery of Tuesday evening, the Sanmartinese goes to Biella, a team that looks for the 3 points for a ranking position that can become quiet. The game starts with a Samartinese who immediately tries to move forward, tries to play ball on the ground but can not speed up the action, but at the 12 'is Orlandin that with a penetration leads the Biella's lead, the Sanmartinese tries again move forward but lack clarity. At the 28 'is Ruzza who tries the shot and takes the cross also complicit a detour, but at the moment of greatest thrust is the Biella to double at the 33' with Trevisan leaving Rivolta in place and face to face with the goalkeeper scores.
In the second half Mister Duo 'tries to recharge a discouraged team and already at the 2' Franco is to shorten the distances, good test of the young Sanmartinese. But once again the cold shower arrives with Rigolone, who with a free kick puts the ball under seven, bringing the result to the 3-1. The Sanmartinese pulls the oars on the boat, there are no more ideas except with a few sorts of Franco and a Revolt that is the last to surrender and the 15 'is Bernascone left free by Biotti that marks poker. Marrocu is inserted for an evanescent Mancin and buys a little liveliness, Viola touches the second goal by pulling badly to the side after a cue of Rivolta, then again Franco in the corridor for Viola who is lost nervously, then from free kick Biotti fishing in the area Marrocu who coordinates but shoots up. The Biellese is cynical and first is Boccia to deny the goal to Bernascone and then to the 43 'is Orlandin that with a solitary action marks the fifth goal.
"Surely we have done something more than Riva di Chieri, but too little for a formation that technically is worth more, the head is missing a lot in this team set up this year.We are now relegated, we will try to work on the gaps we have at team and individually, we could do a lot more, because if you see in training girls are another thing.I could not understand what blocks them, because in many situations we have shown to do well, too bad, but if we want to be protagonists next year it's not like that we have to ask ourselves, it takes more winning mentality and tranquility, the group is healthy, we really hope to do well ".

Simone Duò

Enrico Manassero
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