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Romagnano - Femm. Sunrise

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The championship is still long and far from us to make proclamations in advance, but the victory obtained by the Feminine Romagnano against Dawn for 2-1 seriously risks being that decisive brick in the approach to the final victory.
Despite all the incongruities of the case, you can not celebrate a team that feels the breath on the neck of an expert training like Valenza, who wins in suffering with Aosta and deservedly imposes itself against two ladies teams like Cavallermaggiore and, indeed, Alba.
If it is true that "no winner believes in the case" (quotation by Nietzsche taken back in the post-party by Mr. Fabio Morganti), then it is true that the fruits of the weekly work sooner or later gather. Against a team like the Albese, which is not by chance in third place, Lomazzi and comrades have come up with the usual convincing and, at the same time, substantive proof.
Also because the mister Sunday has disavowed his belief, confirming the formation took place on the field in Cavallermaggiore a week before, leaving the bench on the "Piana" jewel, choosing behind the medallion of the trio all muscle and quality composed of Zignone, Bevilacqua and Graziotto.
The first half is left to watch because the two contenders challenge each other without the exclusion of blows, leaving aside the tactics to play the maximum effort; the guests start out much better, but at the first opportunity are the Sesians to pass: the 15 'runs when the "Prof" Zaquini scores his eighth season goal on a corner action, proving not to feel even under-pressured pressure. Also because the pole in the previous action of German had been far more than a simple warning. The rest of the village sees the premises create the conditions for doubling, but without luck.
The start of Alba in the second half is encouraging, but the Romagnano has among its ranks "Thunderclap" Medina: at '8', with the collaboration of German, the Gattico striker steals the ball to the opponents to unload the goal of the 2-0. Pons has the ball to reopen the game, Marabelli is good guard, but must capitulate to 66 'on a punishment by Zabellan that surprises the landlords. Until the end, however, there are no other occasions, with the grenades that can celebrate.
At the end of the race Morganti said he was satisfied with the test of the girls in the presence of a valid team and rightly on the podium of the group, but continuing to preach the humility, that quality that allows the Romagnano to watch everyone from above.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, German, Zaquini, Soncin (21 'st Buccella), Zignone (18' St Piana), Zaretti, Medina, Bevilacqua (35 'st De Nicolò), Graziotto. All .: Morganti.
Networks: 15 'Zaquini, 53' Medina, 66 'Zabellan.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Paola Zaquini author of the first network

Enrico Manassero
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