Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Musiello Saluzzo - Carrara 90

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Musiello Saluzzo returns to victory in the recovery of the 1 ° day of the second round. The Saluzzesi, opposed to the Carrara 90 of Turin have swept back to find the good vein of their captain Alessandra Chialvo.

Just a few seconds pass and the Musiello took the lead: action insisted on the right, ball to Giulia Bruno Franco who with force and precision throws the ball behind Urbino. First career goal for the young Saluzzo player.

As usual, the team from Saluzzo could close the match immediately, but being cynical is not part of the DNA of these girls and the opportunities for Melifiori and Chialvo fade to the bottom.

Wrong goal, goal immediately: the free kick from the left, beaten by Minniti, becomes impossible for Beatrice Laurenti and the result goes to the 1-1.

The joy of the draw is hard for the Turinese, because when injured Minetti and friends react by playing as they know and are pains.

At the 26 ° and 33 ° Marina Melifiori is to virtually close the match: two photocopiers of fine workmanship shooting under the crossbar coming from the left.

The Musiello Saluzzo is the undisputed master of the field and the 4-1 network is not slow to arrive: Chialvo part ball to the foot by sowing two opponents and crosses on the long pole, a great network for the found captain.

It goes on the locker room on the 4-1, but back on the field the story does not change, Musiello forward and Carrara closed in his own penalty area, the only neo injury suffered by Giulia Bruno Franco, forced to stay in the locker room.

Alessandra Chialvo is unleashed and signs, at 59 °, the 5-1 network at the end of an overwhelming descent on the right.

The 6-1 network is still the work of the Saluzzo captain who on the flight from outside the area pierces the Urbino.

The Carrara is on the ropes and tries to save the salvable but Chiara Minetti wants to leave a mark on the match and succeeds with two goals scored at the 76 ° and 84 ° that fix the score on the final 8-1.

Musiello Saluzzo: Laurenti, Barbero M. (70 ° Benso), Leone, Bruno Franco (46 ° Triolo), Franchino, Bianco, Arnaudo, Brunetti (64 ° Armando), Melifiori, Chialvo, Minetti. All. Musiello

Carrara '90: Urbino, Amato, Diliberto, Citoli, Sacco, Tabor, Serafino, Ventrice, Bonamico, Minniti, Nerve. A disp: Cow. All. Lorenzini

Markers: 1 ° Brunofranco (M), 16 ° Minniti (C), 27 ° Melifiori (M), 33 ° Melifiori (M), 42 ° Chialvo (M), 59 ° Chialvo (M), 64 ° Chialvo (M) , 76 ° Minetti (M), 84 ° Minetti (M)

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Enrico Manassero
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