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Cavallermaggiore - Romagnano

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The most beautiful victory of the season in the most delicate moment of the same season. The skimpy 1-0 with the Aosta and the performance that had resulted in the first time had left some doubt on the estate of the female Romagnano, instead the 2-0 of Cavallermaggiore returns to Fabio Morganti and all the staff grenade the certainties that had distinguished the last months of the 2010.
On the field of one of the most difficult formations of the championship, Lomazzi and his companions have drawn a stubborn test that has laid bare the great willpower of the Sesian group and at the same time that quality of play that had yielded the points of the upward phase of the season ; to close a fabulous Sunday Alba thought that, blocking on 1-1 Valenza, allowed the Romagnano to stretch to + six on direct opponents.
That the trip to Cavallermaggiore was very feared, it was also noted by the painstaking preparation week, aimed at working on the strait to try to put in difficulty the Cuneo; consequently also the training chosen by Morganti was affected by the dynamics just mentioned, with the usual 4-2-3-1 modified in the interpreters compared to seven days before: in front of Marabelli, from right to left Soncin, Lomazzi, Zaquini and Tedesco, in median the returning Giannetti and Zaretti, on the three quarters Bevilacqua in the center, Zignone and Graziotto on the sides in support of Medina.
One of the fundamental components of the game of football is the approach to the game: in the first minutes the Cavallermaggiore struggled to overcome the half-field, with the entrants Bevilacqua and Zignone going to the oversized conclusion; then, at the 10 ', the turn with a shot on a free kick from the edge of the German area that pierces Manzardo. The rest of the village sees the locals try to exploit the greater physicality on the inactive balls, but at the 40 'Elena Zignone is still to shake Manzardo with a powerful shot from the 20 meters that shaves at the intersection of the poles.
Those who expect the reaction from Cuneo in the recovery remains disappointed: German continues to create problems both in movement and on punishment, but only at the 66 'the garbage can explode: inevitable is the seal of the "decathlete" Daniela Graziotto at the end of an action spectacular started by German and finished with the usual precision from Zignone; and while the defense, led always impeccably by Captain Lomazzi, makes Marabelli spend a quiet afternoon, in the last quarter of an hour is Manzardo to make a protagonist with three parades of excellent workmanship on Bevilacqua, Graziotto and Zignone.
Mister Morganti rightly continues to preach humility, but the improvement of girls from August to today is too sensitive to go unnoticed: there is still much to work, also because a good slice of the championship will pass Sunday from the field of Via Monte Bianco, where Alba will be a guest. But nobody in the summer had asked this team, these beautiful girls, this willing group of work, to win the championship. And maybe this is the real strength!

Cavallermaggiore: Manzardo, Pesante (80 'Gazzera), Straffi, Fasciani, Giraudo, Murialdo, Olivero (70' Rivetti), Word, Griglio, Pegoraro, Ferrero (58 'Di Pietro)

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti, German (80 'Buccella), Zaquini, Soncin, Zignone (81' De Nicolò), Zaretti, Medina (87 'Cesali), Bevilacqua, Graziotto.

Referee: Boeglio di Pinerolo.

Networks: 10 'German, 66' Graziotto.

Marco Curti

In the photograph: Elena Tedesco author of the first network

Enrico Manassero
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