Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Givolettese - Femm. Sunrise

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Second consecutive defeat for Sacco and comrades who, on the irresistible field of Givoletto, succumbed to measure against a team clearly within their reach, but faced perhaps too much and less conviction than the performance to which the team had accustomed us for much of the forward group.

The first quarter of an hour runs without emotion, then at the 16 ° the Barbero pulls a sure shot in the opposing goal unguarded, but his conclusion is too slow and allows the local defender to sweep and avoid the goal. At the 26 ° the Sack could score, but it is not adequately cold alone in front of the goalkeeper, then at the 35 ° the Drocco rises in the chair, but first pulls high on the launch of the Zabellan, then at the 37 ° wrong position without centering the door . At the 40 ° the premises are finally dangerous, forcing the Belli to a double valuable intervention to avoid the network.

The recovery is more sparkling and opens at 4 ° with a header of the Ravina just outside.

At the 48 °, on the overturn opposite, the Givoletto takes the lead thanks to an unstoppable angle shot; the Albese reacts with the Ravina, which at the 50 ° pulls but is blocked on the goal line, then to the 52 ° the local could double up on a penalty by a hand ball from Dogliani, but the penalty is kicked to the side.

At the 55 ° the Albese equalized with the new entry Ressia, at his first goal in the first team, able to free himself on the right and hit the door with an angle shot from a tight angle.

The network gives a shock to the guests who go off to the 61 ° counterattack, but blatantly wrong on the most beautiful with the Barbero served by Zabellan. After this episode the mach falls asleep, with the rooms not very dangerous but still careful, especially in midfield where the space for the albese maneuver is reduced. It seems therefore that the game is sadly started to draw, but all''83 ° comes the cold shower for the Langhe, with the network of the XIVUM-2 of Givoletto made on a roll subsequent to a maneuvered action with cross in area.

At the end of the match coach Barbaro "Deserved defeat, testifying to an unfavorable moment, I did not like girls, especially for the mild approach to the race." In the week I will feel, it is necessary to recover the right concentration to immediately raise the head".

Filippo Cervella

Enrico Manassero
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