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Musiello Saluzzo - Femm. Sunrise

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In the recovery of the last day of the race the Albese stumbles unexpectedly in that of Saluzzo in the provincial derby of series C, having therefore to partially re-dimension the dreams of glory of run-up to the summit. The match was one-way, with the Albese perpetually in attack and with numerous untapped opportunities, but the defensive errors of the guests eventually weighed more than the goals scored, causing the defeat.

The albesi start immediately strong and at the 4 ° Zabellan serves a gold ball to the Pons, which exceeds the goalkeeper out but on the line materializes incredibly Gardini that sweeps before the ball enters the goal. At the 17 ° the guests deservedly go ahead with the Zabellan that, served in the middle of the Sacco area, does not fail a few meters and makes the 1-0. At the 25 ° the Sack could double in front of the goalkeeper, but the first shot is rejected by the goalkeeper while the second ends out. At the 28 ° the Musiello equalized by exploiting an incorrect disengagement of the Dogliani who does not realize, serving the Belli in backward, to have the Melefiori behind the shoulders: the player from Saluzzo take advantage of it and from a defile position marks the 1-1 azzeccando the corner.

The local network does not change the inertia of the race and at the 39 ° the Albese returns to the advantage with the Biondo who, after a solitary action, concludes with precision in the corner for the 2-1 with which the first part ends.

The recovery opens at 4 ° with the local draw of Minetti, still able to exploit another ball badly lost by the defense Langhe; the second draw suffered puts the silver alive on the Alba that at the 58 ° chips the crossbar with the Zabellan on free kick. At the 65 ° the Blond touches the post with an incursion of his, then the Albese continues to insist but without being able to put it inside. At the 87 ° the Bozzoli, entered the field in the second half after several months of absence, pulls out with the local goalie, but at the 90 ° comes the cold shower, with the Musiello that exploits the third error of defense and Alba , after a couple of favorable rebounds, he realizes the 3-2 with the Red.

Obviously, disappointed at the end of the race the coach Barbaro: "In many years of coach I rarely happened to see a game dominated so ended with a defeat.Today the episodes have all turned against us, we take note and turn the page, sorry for the injury of Pons, hopefully nothing serious ".

Female Soccer Dawn: Belli, Ballocco, Dogliani, Mohammadi, Vaschetto, Gallo, Ravine, Pons (19 ° Blond, 71 ° Bozzoli), Sack (82 ° Drocco), Zabellan, Amerio (57 ° Bussi). Available to Barbaro: Manassero, Cerutti, Pacchiotti.

Filippo Cervella

In the photograph: Antonella Biondo author of the second network for Alba

Enrico Manassero
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