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Musiello Saluzzo - Borghetto Borbera

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Nice home victory for the Saluzzesi who recover important pawns compared to the midweek round and close the contest already in the first half. After a few seconds Leone already has the chance to stab Mamprin, but his header, on Minetti's stroke, ends just over the crossbar. The game is done exclusively by the Musiello who finds the way to the advantage of the 9 °: long-range shot of Gardini that hits the crossbar, the ball back in the field where the fastest is Emanuela White who pierces the Mamprin. The Saluzzesi are unleashed and find again the way of the net with captain Chialvo that from the long distance places the ball to the end of the pole. There is not even time to celebrate the 2-0 that the Musiello still stretches: disruptive action of the Dutto on the left that triangles with the Lion and exceeds Mamprin with a nice lob. Huge happiness for the Saluzzo veteran who returns to the net after a long time. We are at the 26 ° and Chialvo thinks to finally close the contest: still a shot from outside the captain and still a corner that is worth the 4-0. There is no more need to turn the opposing area into a fort and the Saluzzesi limit themselves to controlling the game. At the 43 ° Chialvo could realize his personal hat-trick but his full-neck finish flies over the crossbar. In the second half the Borghetto Borbera is seen by the parties of Triolo only at 64 ° realizing the goal of the flag with Fasciolo who stamps the card with a nice diagonal. Turn of changes at the Musiello house and the match ends on the score of 4-1. Great week for the Saluzzesi who take home six points in four days. Last Sunday transfer before the Christmas break against Casale.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo (80 ° Laurenti), Barbero M., Dutto, Gardini, Bruno Franco, White, Red (65 ° Arnaudo), Melifiori, Leone (77 ° Brunetti), Chialvo, Minetti (69 ° Benso). All. Musiello

BORGHETTO BORBERA: Mamprin, Pastorino, Biglieri, Nigro, Bisio, Mascagna, Di Paola, Benefit, Fasciolo, Fossati, Roncoli. All. Oddino

MARKERS: 9 ° White (M), 18 ° Chialvo (M), 22 ° Dutto (M), 26 ° Chialvo (M) 64 ° Fasciolo (B)

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Beatrice Laurenti

Enrico Manassero
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