Monday, May 11 2015
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Cavallermaggiore - Musiello Saluzzo

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4-0 ends at zero the water polo match between Cavallermaggiore and Musiello Saluzzo. You read well, I said water polo. In a field where water reigns supreme the team led by Sapetti wins a derby that deserved a decidedly more worthy stage. The girls of the Cavallermaggiore try in every way to restore the pitch with the help of buckets and bottles, but at the time 15.30 the playing field was still presented without lines of boundary and with plenty of water on the side band. The referee, despite the grievances from Saluzzo decided to start the match with almost half an hour late, which is prohibited by the regulation. Despite all the Musiello part decidedly strong and deserves a penalty for the shooting in the area of ​​Raffaella Barbero, but the referee does not feel to grant the penalty after seeing the house players with buckets and boots up to ten minutes before . The referee goes once again against the rules at the 22 °: postponed the wrong backs of the guests, the Barbero recovers the ball and Melifiori launches alone in front of the goalkeeper who is reported offside. General laughter of the bench (including opponents), players (even opponents) and the grandstand, the opponent's back was in the penalty area. In addition to the damage also the joke: after this scandalous episode the deputy coach Lanzardo is expelled from the Saluzzo bench for protests. The players of the Musiello take little to understand that the victory has already been decided, but despite this they touch the goal with the shot Raffaella Barbero on a free kick by Bianco, just wide. The 1-0 for the landlords is the result of a Ferrero-Pegoraro action with the latter that mock the Triolo out. The Musiello tries to react, the Melifiori is plated in the penalty area but also in this case the referee opts to continue the action. The first half ends in the protests of the team of Saluzzo against the referee who justifies inventing non-existent regulation articles. The second part of the game sees a Musiello resigned to defeat, no foul against the Saluzzo is sanctioned and the concentration drops dramatically. The rest of the match has no hint of news: the Cavallermaggiore is still at the 49 ° with Ferrero, at the 76 ° and at the 87 ° with Pegoraro. Another shame happens to the game already finished: the guest room is flooded with water and mud, the girls are so forced to change in inhuman conditions. Of all these facts the derby is still in the archive, and who knows what would have ended in a football field ... From Sunday's game we can only deduce that at swimming, and with the help of the referee, the Cavallermaggiore is stronger than the Musiello.

Cavallermaggiore: Borgna, Pesante, Straffi, Fasciani, Giordano, Murialdo, Ferrero, Graglia, Griglio, Pegoraro, Parola. Available: Salvatico, Gazzera, Olivero, Tosa, Di Pietro, Manzardo. All. Sapetti

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Gardini, Dutto, Giordanino, Bruno Franco, Leone (49 ° Minetti), Rosso (58 ° Franchino), Melifiori (78 ° Armando), Barbero R., Chialvo, Bianco (81 ° Brunetti). Available: Arnaudo, Benso. All. Musiello

MARKERS: 28 ° Pegoraro (C), 49 ° Ferrero (C), 76 ° Pegoraro (C), 87 ° Pegoraro (C)

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Carlotta Brunetti

Enrico Manassero
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