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Romagnano - Astisport

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Thirteen on the schedule for the Romagnano, stronger than anything, even in numerical inferiority: the expulsion (unexceptionable) of Captain Lomazzi at the end of the first half, suffered after the 2-1 opponent could have given a second time of suffering. Instead ends 3-1 for the Romagnano that is also free dell'Asti Sport, keeping the points ahead of Alba and Valenza, definitely in shape in recent weeks. But in the garnet house the watchword is "concentration" and against the Asti people it has been a perfect proof of this. Difficult to keep up the pace of the first half hour, so the tactical sagacity of Mr. Morganti allowed the recovery not to take risks and, at the same time, to create.

With Lomazzi recovered from physical problems and German in the field despite a week narrow-gauge, Morganti can rely on the entire pink, allowing the luxury of lending to the second team the various Bonasia and Cesali, in addition to Buccella, increasingly in growth after injury to the crusader.

As usual, the start of the race is a real team and sailed: it takes five minutes to unlock the score and it is the usual "decathlete" Daniela Graziotto to beat Rotella on Piana's delightful assistance: it's the 5 '. At the 21 'doubling with a film already seen: a tense corner of German and a winning title by Paola "Pes" Zaquini. The Asti, for its part, passes to the first thrust: the 35 'flows when Giazzi claims a physical prestige from a corner, shortening distances. Shortly thereafter, the colors of grenade seem to be blacks: at 37 'Graziotto fails a sensational opportunity and on the reversal in front, a defensive hole forces Lomazzi to intervene last man on Giazzi: it is a red card for the captain. Marabelli is prodigious on the subsequent punishment, but it is the last emotion of the first half.

Morganti leaves in the locker room Tuberga, inserting De Nicolò in the center of the defense and advancing even more the range of action of Piana, practically third tip alongside Graziotto and Medina: the move proves apt, because even after 60 seconds Piana shows coldness despite his fifteen years, beating Rotella for the 3-1. What follows is an interpretation of the game manual, with Marabelli and members who are not only technically good, but simply perfect tactically, from a high-level football acumen.

The Biella derby does not fall at the right time, given the contemporary absence of Zaretti, Tedesco and Lomazzi, but with a Romagnano so any goal is not unattainable.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Lomazzi, Giannetti (30 'st Soncin), German, Zaquini, Piana (35' Pella), Tuberga (1 'St De Nicolò), Zaretti, Medina (20' st Mazzei), Bevilacqua, Graziotto. All .: Morganti.

Astisport: Rotella, Ferrero, Ivaldi, Leto, Federico, De Masi, Froio, Oggero, Marcella, Giazzi, Quadi. Coach Gullì

Networks: 5 'Graziotto, 21' Zaquini, 35 'Giazzi, 46' Piana.

Marco Curti

Enrico Manassero
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