June 11, 2015
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Musiello Saluzzo - Aosta

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Musiello Saluzzo returns to victory after defeats against Valenza and Romagnano. At the expense of the desire to revenge Saluzzo is the Aosta that is swept away in little more than a time.

Only veterans Giordanino and Dutto are absent in the Saluzzis.

Musiello who immediately took control of the game immediately started to make the valleys understand that air was blowing in Saluzzo. The maneuver of Chialvo and companions brings its first fruits to 15 ° when after a dismissal of the defense, Raffaella Barbero is coordinated from the edge of the area finding a super Mognol on his way that instinctively deviates in the corner. The network is still in the air and arrives at the 22 ° spectacular triangulation White-Raffaella Barbero for the conclusion of the buzzles from Saluzzo who is not mistaken by transfixing Mognol on the long pole. The Saluzzesi continue to push and would have the opportunity to double immediately with Melifiori who loses the time of the conclusion and is recovered from the direct opponent. Suspicious penalty not whistled to Saluzzo 38 °: Melifiori still flees on the left and is stretched out by Mognol who takes both the ball and the tip of Saluzzo, remain many doubts.

The first half runs out with possession for the Saluzzesi.

The second fraction of the game sees the Musiello immediately find the way of doubling: we are at the 48 ° when White receives the ball from the Melifiori, seats two opponents and with a shot below exceeds the Mognol, action manual for the Saluzzo and 2 -0.

The game ends practically here, for the remaining forty minutes the Musiello administers the advantage by not sinking the blow. Great victory then for the Musiello against Aosta team capable in the first round to stop Romagnano and Valenza.

On Sunday at 15.30 the Saluzzesi will play away the derby against Cavallermaggiore.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Barbero M., Leone, Gardini, Brunofranco, White, Red, Melifiori (73 ° Arnaudo), Barbero R., Chialvo, Minetti. Available: Brunetti, Benso, Armando. All: Musiello

AOSTA VIOLETTE: Mognol, Fazari, Neyroz, Dell'Innocenti, Bruna, Torno, Glarey, Giovanetto, Bari, Aresu, Perrin. A disp: Cignetti, Ghersi. All. Baratta

MARKERS: 22 ° Barbero R. (M), 48 ° White (M)

Andrea Rubiolo

In the photograph: Raffaella Barbero author of the first network

Enrico Manassero
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